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WordWhizzle Cheats, Hack, & Tips for Hints & No Ads Unlock

WordWhizzle is a word game that is rated E for everyone. WordWhizzle is avaialble for both the Android and iTunes marketplaces and is brought to you by Apprope Games for 2016. WordWhizzle is a fun challenging puzzle game that gives the player a theme and tasks them with searching for the words in that puzzle. WordWhizzle starts off simple with only having you find one word in each puzzle, but as you progress through the levels, WordWhizzle makes you find more words in each level.

The levels steadily get harder, but you are given free hints as you play the game in case you get stuck and need some extra assistance. WordWhizzle features well over 700 different levels all of which have a different theme and task you with finding different words. WordWhizzle is a great way to build vocabulary in a fun environment in 2016.

Children and adults of all ages can play and enjoy this game due to the different puzzles that never repeat themselves. WordWhizzle also allows you to connect to Facebook so that you can share your progress with your friends and compare to see who has gotten further in this fun filled word game.

WordWhizzle is currently available for both the Android and iTunes marketplaces. It is free to play on both of the stores in 2016. WordWhizzle has more than 50,000 total downloads across both platforms, with an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars in 2016.

WordWhizzle Hack for Hints & No Ads Unlock 2016

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About WordWhizzle

WordWhizzle is a great word game that anyone can enjoy and become addicted to. WordWhizzle features a large amount of levels none of which repeat so the game keeps things nice and fresh for you. The game almost never seems dull and it never seems as though you have played a level before. The game also changes the color themes slightly from each grouping of levels, so you are not seeing the same thing each time you play the game.


WordWhizzle also gives the player some assistance if they find themselves getting stuck. You are given free hints just simply by playing the game and beating certain levels. If that is not enough, you can earn free hints by watching a quick advertisement, rating the game, and connecting to your social media account.

WordWhizzle does feature advertisements. I have found that an advertisement will occur every 5-10 levels. I did not find a consistent way to measure the advertisements, but I did not think that there were too many of them. I never felt overwhelmed with the ads in this game and it never hindered the gameplay in any way. I thought this game did a good job of balancing the amount of gameplay that you see and the ads that you find.


The game does feature both full screen and bottom of the screen ads. The full screen ads cannot be exited out of, so you must watch the full advertisement when it pops up on your screen. There is no time limit on the levels, so you will not have to worry about encountering an ad while you are in the middle of a level, only in between levels will an ad play.

WordWhizzle does feature an in game tutorial that will walk you through the basics of the game in case you need some extra assistance. The tutorial does a great job of explaining how the game works and what you might expect to encounter while playing the game. The game also introduces new concepts to you while you play in case something might come up that has not in the past. If at any point you find yourself wanting to see the tutorial again, you have that option in the main menu. You can always go back and actually watch the tutorial again in case you haven’t played the game in a while and need a refresher.

WordWhizzle does feature in app purchases. Currently, the only thing avialble for you to purchase is additional hints. The hints are sold in different packages for you to purchase. You can purchase 15, 40, 75, 175, or 500 total hints. Obviously, the prices differ depending upon which package you wish to purchase, but the most popular package is 75 hints for $8.99. Other than the ability to purchase hints, there are no other in app purchases in the game currently.

I suspect that this might change in the future because the iTunes version of the app actually allows you to purchase all of the levels and remove advertisements, while the Android version simply allows you to purchase hints. Keep in mind that this is optional and you can earn hints for free by completing levels or watching a brief advertisement.

Cheats and Tips for WordWhizzle

My biggest tip for this game is to take your time with the game. WordWhizzle can be very challenging, especially at the higher levels, so it is important to pace yourself and take your time with the game. The levels start out very simple, but eventually get harder by adding additional letters and making you find more than one word. If you are struggling on a level, I suggest looking for words around the perimeter because this is often times where the words start. You can start here and extend outwards in the hopes of finding the word that has been avoiding you. WordWhizzle definitely takes patience, but it is a lot of fun and most definitely worth it if you stick with it.


WordWhizzle might seem a bit slow in the beginning, especially if you are finding the words really easy, but sticking with the game will most definitely pay off. The game does eventually get harder and require a lot more thought, but in the beginning the levels are easy. Having some extra patience in these beginning levels is important because you will not get to the fun part of the game if you leave the game too soon because you think it is too easy. The game definitely gets challenging and it will cause you to think a lot more than you had to on the beginning levels.

Another tip is to save your hints! The game starts off relatively easy and definitely gets harder the further you get. So saving your tips is a great way to beat those levels that have had you stuck on them for a longer period of time. There is really no best way to help you find words if you cannot find them, but most of the time, you can use the theme as an indicator of what kind of words to expect. For example, if the theme is colors, do not try and look for words that aren’t colors. Focus on words that start with the common colors and look from there. WordWhizzle can throw you for a loop by adding words that can make multiple words, so try and stay on task and look for relevant words.

I definitely suggest connecting to Facebook so that you can compare and compete with your friends. WordWhizzle has a built in feature that allows you to share your progress and compete with people in your circle, so why not take advantage of this feature and utilize it. I have found that playing word games with friends is often one of the most fun experiences as you can easily get competitive and compete to see who can get the furthest in this game. Since the game will be the same experience for all players, you can start at the beginning and see who can beat the game first, or who can get the furthest. I found that these competitions add a lot of fun to the game.


WordWhizzle also features a daily puzzle that is challenging and a lot of fun to try and work through. Each day, WordWhizzle puts a new puzzle up that is challenging and requires a lot of thought in order to beat. Definitely take advantage of these daily puzzles as they will be a good refresher from the regular game. The regular game can seem slow paced at times if the puzzles are too easy, so check out the daily puzzles if you found this to be the case.

WordWhizzle Review

Overall, I give WordWhizzle an 8/10. I think that WordWhizzle is a great puzzle game that anyone can get into and start enjoying. WordWhizzle combines a challenging word game with a fun atmosphere that is competitive and kid friendly. WordWhizzle is a great game that anyone can pick up and play with ease. The tutorial does a great job of showing you what is going on in the game and the levels are all different enough that you will not feel as though you are playing the same few levels over and over. All of the themes are distinctly different, and the varying gameplay is what makes this game so great. The game lets you play at your own pace and spend as long as you wish on the levels.


WordWhizzle is a great game that is really fun and very addicting. The levels start off very easy and get progressively harder, allowing the player to challenge themselves on the more difficult levels. I think that this game has a lot of great things going on, like all of the different themes and levels. This game has over 700 different levels, and no words repeat at all. That is very impressive and leads to a lot of different gameplay as you are never searching for the same word more than once. It really is a great way for children to practice spelling, logic, and learn more vocabulary all through a single game.

However, WordWhizzle can be a bit slow at times. The starting levels are very easy for most people. I found that the starting levels were almost too easy and it took a bit of patience to get to a place where I felt challenged in finding the words. It does require some patience, but ultimately, that patience was worth it because once I found myself thinking about the levels, that’s when I was enjoying myself the most and enjoying this game.

It can most definitely be a bit frustrating to have to play through a lot of levels that are simple, but it most definitely is worth it and the levels will eventually start to challenge you. Another thing I liked was that the game featured daily puzzles that are challenging. This was a good change of pace while I was conquering the easier levels.

WordWhizzle offers in app purchases, but I almost wish that I had more options. Currently, on the Android version, the only in app purchases available are to buy additional hints. I wish that there was some way I could remove all of the advertisements, or unlock specific levels so I could skip all of the easy ones and jump to the harder ones.

Maybe allowing the player to change the color themes or even create their own levels for their friends might be something interesting. I just wish there was a bit more for the player to do and for the player to purchase to speed things up a little bit. The game is amazing as is, but if it had the ability to change things up a bit, it would be enough to push this over the top for me.

WordWhizzle does allow you to connect to Facebook in order to share your scores with your Friends. While this is a great feature, I wish that you had the ability to actually create your own levels and share them with your friends. This would be a great way to challenge your friends and get people involved with each other. Currently, you can only share that you beat a certain level, which is great, but it doesn’t really get people actively engaged with each other.

If I could actually try to create a level to trick my friends, I think that would be an absolutely amazing feature. I also think this would draw in a lot more people as that whole concept sounds so inviting and allows for a lot of competition among friends.

WordWhizzle Ratings

Artwork: I give the artwork in WordWhizzle a 7/10. The artwork is very simplistic and minimalist. The color schemes of the levels change ever so slightly from theme to theme. I wish there was a more predominant change in the colors and things were exaggerated a bit more. The colors are very pleasant to look at now, but if they were amped up and changed a lot from level to level, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would keep things refreshing and allow the player to see something drastically different. The art can almost get boring at times with this game and I wish that was something that didn’t happen.

Music and Sound Effects: I give the music and sound effects an 8/10. The game does not really have any music but the sound effects are top notch. The sounds are very rewarding to hear, from the click when you combine letters, to the sound when you finally beat a level, everything is very pleasing to hear and rewarding. I feel accomplished when I beat a level because of the sound that the game gives me, and that is something great and something the developers did really well.

Story and Originality: I give the story and originality a 7/10. The game does not have any story, so it would be unfair to judge on based on one, but the game is most definitely original. There are plenty of word games on the marketplace, but none that feature so many different levels like this one. Each level is truly different and you will almost never search for the same word more than once. I think this is great because it really does build a smaller child’s vocabulary in a fun game environment.

General Gameplay and Addictiveness: I give the general gameplay and addictiveness a 9/10. The gameplay itself is fun, but it can be a bit slow in the beginning. Aside from that, the gameplay is exactly what you might expect from a word game. The game definitely flows and all of the pieces of the game make sense. The game slowly get more and more challenging as you play, and it even features daily puzzles that are extra tricky in order to start your day off with something to get you think. The game is definitely addicting. I found that I wanted to get further and further and get to the levels that truly challenge me.

Overall, WordWhizzle is a great puzzle game that I most definitely recommend for anyone. This game can be played by the youth which is great because it will build vocabulary and thinking skills, and it can be played by adults who are just looking for something to engage their brain with in their leisure time. WordWhizzle is one of the best word finding games available on the marketplace and I think it is definitely worth the time to try out. It is completely free to play and will you will most definitely not be disappointed! Go and check out WordWhizzle today and start the challenge today!

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