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Webkinz World Cheats & Hack for eStore Points & KinzCash

Hello everyone! Do you all like collecting stuffed animals? How about stuffed animals that will allow you to interact with them online? Webkinz World is an online website that allows players to interact with their physical store brought loveable plush that can be brought to life. These plush toys ranges from a variety of different animal species such as a purple panda, different types of dogs, lions, cats, horses, pony, and even gorillas and unicorns!

If you brought one of these cute stuffed animals from a physical store such as from Toys R Us, and the stuffed animals will come with a special online code for you to enter on Webkinz in 2016. Upon entering this code on Webkinz, it will automatically register the same stuffed animal you brought in store onto your computer screen and you will have the chance to name your stuffed animal and have them move around on your screen!

Webkinz World is an online virtual pet game similar to “Build a Bears” and Neopets, where you can bring your dream stuffed animal to life on your screen in 2016! Webkinz World is targeted toward both boys and girls ages six and older. Children will be able to adopt as many virtual pets as they desire, decorate each of their adopted virtual pet’s rooms, collect prizes for completing certain tasks and goals, and even chat with their friends.

Webkinz World has over 1,000 pets for everyone to adopt, over 15,000 items to buy and collect, and over 100 games for children to enjoy and play daily. This online browser game is only available in the language English.

Webkinz World Hack for eStore Points & KinzCash 2016

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About Webkinz

In Webkinz World, there are currently two currency available in this virtual browser game. The first currency is eStore points, eStore point’s costs real money to receive more. Currently, you can get 5,000 eStore points in exchange for $4.99 in real life money, and as of right now, they are doing a special deal where you can get 15,000 eStore points for only $4.99. Normally, 15,000 eStore points will cost around $14.99, but you can get this offer only once. The highest amount of eStore points that you can get is 130,000 points for $99.99, and you get a bonus 30% more ePoints when you purchase this pack.

Besides 30% more eStore points, you can also get a free Valentine Gazebo which is tradeable. The second currency is KinzCash, where you can earn inside them in the Webkinz World game browser. There are various ways where you can earn KinzCash, one of the ways to earn KinzCash is to play the wide variety of arcade games available. Your virtual pet will also tell you whenever he or she wants to play games, and in those arcade games, participation is free but when you get a new high score, you can earn bonus kinzcash in the process.


Although Webkinz World is a free to play virtual pet browser game, you do have the option of upgrading to becoming a deluxe member in the game. You can buy several different deluxe membership: 1 month deluxe membership for $5.99 per month, with free 1000 eStore points each month, a 3 month deluxe membership for $4.99 per month and $14.99 total, where you will receive 3000 free eStore points per month, a 1 year deluxe membership starting at $3.75 per month which equals to a total of $44.99 total, where you will get 3,000 free eStore points per month, in addition to 5000 bonus eStore points at sign up, and as well as an secret exclusive super deluxe item AND a free 10 year magic cat!

Why should you sign up for a deluxe membership in Webkinz World? Well with a deluxe membership you will get free monthly eStore points (the amount depends on which membership you chose), monthly gift boxes, discounted items and pets, unlocked special arcade games, and also unlock the secret treetop room and underwater room for your virtual pet in Webkinz World!


In Webkinz World, your pet will show statuses such as how happy they are on the scale of 0 to 100, how hungry they are from 0 to 100, and how much energy they have from 0 to 100. You can also dress up your virtual pet in Webkinz World with the free items you receive upon registering, and you can also decorate their own room. Webkinz World reminds me of the popular game, SIMS, but for virtual pets!

Webkinz World is great for children who would want unique virtual pets such as an ice fawn to make your day! These pets will come with their very own description and personality such as what type of food they like eating, who are their best friends, and what kinds of activities they like to take part in. Your Webkinz World virtual pet will become your new best friend!

Cheats & Tips for Webkinz World

In Webkinz World, if you are short on KinzCash, there is a simple and easy way to earn KinzCash fast! This method can be achieved by going to the arcade window on the bottom right screen in Webkinz World, and select the special “Game of the Day,” game! Every day, there would be a new game of the day in Webkinz World, and it will reward you with 15% more KinzCash than normal!

If you got the score of 30 points in the special game of the day, you will get an additional 4 points (30 x 0.15 = 4.5)!  Webkinz World does not limit how many times you can play a game, and they don’t cost any KinzCash or eStore points to play them! Furthermore, many of the free games available in Webkinz World are simple and easy to play.


For example, every day you can play the wheel of wow once! You will receive a special prize every day you spin the wheel! After you have spun this wheel of wow in Webkinz World for more than 15 times, you will get a special bonus item for participating! If you are on a deluxe membership account, you can play the wheel of deluxe (an upgraded version of the Wheel of Wow).

Each month, there will be a new challenge that you will need to complete by before the end of the month, for example January 31. When you successfully complete these challenges which would consist of spinning the wheel of wow 3 times, buy any special item in the store, and play a specific game for a specific number of times. The reward that you will get for completing these challenges are unobtainable if you want to purchase them, and I feel that they


Webkinz World Review

My overall opinion of this game, Webkinz World, is that it is a cute game but it doesn’t interest me and it’s not very addicting. I believe one of these reason is because Webkinz World’s targeted audience age is ages six and older, and a lot of the mini games and tasks featured in Webkinz World are very simple. For older audiences, they might find it to be a bit boring and very easy to accomplish, and have no challenge present. However, if the targeted audience is playing Webkinz World, then they would find Webkinz World to be addicting because the challenges, tasks, and even the interactions with their virtual pet will continue to interest the young players.

I think that Webkinz World is a great and safe game for young children and parents wouldn’t have anything to worry about. This is because in Webkinz World, they contain no graphic or violent languages or graphics, and everything is children friendly. All of the artwork graphics are vibrant and filled with realistic colors, in Webkinz World, they contain lots of nature artworks, such as leaf, and realistic food, like cupcakes and pizza.

I like how this game allows the players to relate to real life, so that young children won’t get confused between reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, if the children wanted to purchase more eStore points, they would first need permission from their parent so they can’t purchase these premium currency by themselves.


What I like most about Webkinz World is the different times of pets that you can receive in this game. The first virtual pet in Webkinz World will be free, however, if you wanted to adopt another or more virtual pets in Webkinz World, you would either need to get a deluxe membership account or purchase a physical stuffed animal that has an online code available. If your child or you like virtual online pet games such as Neopets, or Build A Bear, then you would also enjoy Webkinz World because of the high quality graphics and the wide variety of pet interactions that you can do in the game.


Artwork: The artwork in the virtual pet game browser, Webkinz World, will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. The game graphics are consistent throughout each gameplay and webpage in Webkinz World and the colors used are all vibrant and clear. If you had brought a store brought Webkinz World stuffed animal, then you would see the clear resemblances between your real life stuffed animal and your online virtual pet. Webkinz World had made each of their physical stuffed animal and their online virtual pet the same, they will look the same in appearances and clothing attire.

Music & SFX: The music and special sound effects will receive a full rating of a 10/01 in the online browser game, Webkinz World. This is because even though your own virtual pet will not make any sound, whenever you are playing any of the arcade games, they will have different and unique background music to back them up. Furthermore, there are voice overs throughout the whole gameplay in Webkinz World. This makes it very easy for people who are new to this game and would need some guidance.

The special sound effects present throughout this virtual pet game, Webkinz World, shows itself whenever you receive a new item, a new present, or even when you changed something in your pet’s room. It will either be a crowd of clapping or sparkling sound that will both encourage the player to continue playing this game. Besides those, the special sound effects will also appear whenever you have a new message in your message center or when you send a new message to one of your friends. This is really helpful whenever you need to be notified for a message or even know who’s online in Webkinz World.

Story & Originality: The story and originality factor for this game, Webkinz World, will receive the overall rating of an 8/10. I gave a slightly lower score for both categories, story and originality, because there wasn’t much of a story present in Webkinz World. However, for the originality, I felt that it resembled a lot to similar virtual pet games, such as Neopets and Build A Bear Workshop. I feel this way because besides the arcade games, I feel that a lot of the content in Webkinz World are the same or very similar to the other browser games I have mentioned above.

The arcade games are one of the most original categories in Webkinz World because they have over 100 plus mini games for you to play, and every day there would be a new “Game of the Day,” where you will be able to earn 15% more of the bonus points. I haven’t seen any online virtual browser games like Webkinz World, offer bonus points or even “Game of the Day,” in their browser game. For this reason, I felt that the whole bonus points and the game of the day in Webkinz World is one aspect that had made Webkinz World a truly original game and different among other online virtual pet games.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay category of Webkinz World will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. I give this section a full score rating because throughout my whole gameplay in Webkinz World, I didn’t experience any freezing, game browser crashing, or even glitches or bugs present. I was pleasantly surprised to see how clean this game ran even with all of the content that the game browser has.

Webkinz World has a wide variety of arcade games available to play as well as lots of monthly goals to complete! There are a lot of interactive elements in Webkinz World as well, such as you can just drag each and every item into your room so you can decorate your virtual pet’s room and even feed them all types of food! Even with all of these mini games and interactive elements, Webkinz World still runs super smoothly.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor in the online web browser game, Webkinz World, will receive the overall rating of a 6/10. I gave this game an average score because it didn’t really appeal to me since I am way over the targeted age that Webkinz World had created there games for. However, I still found the online mini arcade games to be addictive, such as the game “Ant Mania,” and especially each month’s different challenge. The month of January’s challenge is called “I Love Winter,” and each months challenge will consist of three different simple tasks.

These tasks will range from playing a certain arcade game for a specific number of times, or even buying an inexpensive item in the shop. I found that with these simple tasks, it had made Webkinz World more interesting and addictive. I do truly believe that for children between ages six to thirteen would find this virtual pet game, Webkinz World, more addictive.

The overall rating for Webkinz World will receive the rating of a 7/10. I felt that the artwork and the special sound effects were strong throughout the whole gameplay, and the amount of arcade games will keep the player interested.

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