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Unkilled Tips, Guide & Cheats for Gold & All Weapons Unlock

Unkilled has been developed by MADFINGER Games for 2016. A company that’s been around for quite a while and they’re very experienced when it comes to developing excellent mobile games as you’ll be able to see from their portfolio. They’re behind the development and production of very famous titles such as Dead Trigger and Shadowgun which tells you one thing. They know what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it for quite a while. Most of their games have more than 4.2 stars and that’s not as easy as it might seem because of how competitive and demanding the industry really is.

Unkilled is currently available for both platforms iOS and android and you’ll have the exact same experience on both of them without any differences or discrepancies as they’ve paid a lot of attention to detail so that the users don’t really encounter any issues while going through the game in 2016.

They’re known developers and that means that they already know that if they want a title to be as successful as possible they’ll have to push it to the point it breaks and fix it so that no player encounters any problems during their gameplay. However, this game has been praised on both stores as you’ll be able to see on each platform’s pages. The game has around 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store with over 292,000 total reviews in 2016. The game is seeing similar success on the iTunes App Store as it features 4.5 stars with over 40 total reviews.

About Unkilled

Unkilled is their latest entry to the industry and one of their most successful games ever as it features a lot of high quality content packed with astounding graphics that’ll make you feel like you’re playing a game on a console or even PC. The game features enough original content to stand out from the rest and it’s been doing one hell of a job at it as the game is currently the most downloaded zombie shooter on both platforms and it has the most positive reviews ever. From the very beginning of your experience you’ll notice the quality featured within the game and how much effort the developers must have put into it in order to achieve this level of greatness as the game is amazing at providing the most immersive experience without any issues.


Unkilled features a very immersive gameplay that’ll keep you interested for quite a while. The gameplay isn’t as simple as you might think it is because you’ll need a lot of practice. This is a shooter and you’ll need to learn how to aim while moving and that’s no easy task at the beginning. But don’t worry about it as there’s a tutorial that will explain the basic premise of the game as well as the mechanics and it’ll also give you a few tips that will come in handy throughout the entirety of your experience.

There are also a few sections of the game where you can practice your movement and aiming without any charge or risk and that’s quite good as it’ll allow you to improve your overall performance by an important measure which is always good. You’ll find yourself practicing a lot but afterwards you’ll be owning the entirety of the game and you’ll be able to clear hordes of zombies without any issues. However, have in mind that even though you might spend a lot of time practicing it will not always be an easy game to play as some levels are really difficult because of how they’re carried out and the fact that some bosses boost the stats of the enemy creeps might make it a tad difficult to clear a particular area but don’t worry about it as you won’t be losing anything by trying.


The game has been optimized to properly work on most devices and despite the amazing graphics it has you’ll only need any android device running at least android version 4.1 and any iOS device that’s running at least iOS version 8.0. The game has an amazing stability and that’s something fairly uncommon on most games of this type because of how much content it features it might be a tad difficult to keep up but that’s not the case for the developers from MADFINGER Games as they’ve handled things in a fairly excellent manner.

Unkilled features a very good yet complex gameplay that’ll keep you interested for a while and learning all along throughout your entire experience. The game has enough content to easily stand out from the rest without any problems. As you go through the game you’ll notice that the game has a lot of hidden features and there’s a huge amount of different enemies that’ll keep you going through the game without any dull moments. The game features a very fast paced gameplay with a lot of action which means that you won’t really have any time to be bored because of how much content you’ll be discovering. There’s always something new around the corner to keep you busy.

Unkilled In Game Store


Unkilled features an in game store and it also features a premium currency system. The developers did a fairly good job with the in game store as the content featured within it can simplify your whole experience by an important measure without making it too easy. You’ll still have a lot to do and it won’t allow you to skip any corners, you’ll just have better weapons. However, with the use of gold which is the premium currency of the game you’re going to be able to buy different weapons packages that will improve your overall performance by being a lot more efficient. There’s are several different weapons packages and some might stick to your style while some other will not. You’ll have to try them out by yourself until you think you’ve found the weapon package meant for you, don’t worry about trying new things as this game actually rewards it because a varied gameplay will give you a better final score.

Cheats, Tips & Hacks for Unkilled


Unkilled just like any other First Person Shooter involves a very immersive experience that’ll get you interested right off the very beginning of the game. The cinematic implementation of the game is quite nice but the real core attractiveness of the game resides in the fact that the gameplay is just so good and you’ll have a good time killing zombies just like you would on any other platform. The First Person Shooter is very often an underrated genre within the mobile industry and the fact that there are a few companies such as MADFINGER Games paying attention to this particular section of the game makes them much more involved with the community per se.


You’ll have to practice a lot if you want to be good at this game as it requires a lot of skill to aim while moving. You might have an easy time given the fact that you start with a machine gun but as you progress through the game you’ll start using other firearms that might require a little bit more of accuracy. You can train by repeating the same missions over and over again, you’ll know where they’ll come from and that will give you a fair advantage over the level so that you can focus solely on practicing your aiming. It’ll also allow you to farm cash which is nice as it’ll allow you to buy other equipment and have a much easier time. The game itself can be fairly immersive but you’ll always have to pay close attention to what you’re doing until you’ve practiced enough that it becomes a second nature.

The game also rewards you for the accuracy of your shots and that means that you should be careful where you’re shooting at. Try to always aim to the head as that gives you a much bigger score multiplier which means a better final score and a much better paycheck. As you go through the game you’ll notice that there are a few other things that aren’t covered in the tutorial at first but you’ll end up figuring them out by yourself.

The game also features a customization layer that while it doesn’t really have any impact on the gameplay per se, it’s always fun to just change things up a little bit and that’s exactly what it allows you to. It’ll allow you to change your character’s appearance and add a few skins to the equipment that it’s wearing but nothing more than that. While it’s kind of simple it’s still fairly good as it’ll allow you to make your character your own by changing it up until you’re comfortable with it.


There are a few bosses and difficult enemies within the game and that’s when the special weaponry comes in. As you progress through the game you’ll earn a few special items that allow you to clear an entire wave of enemies or deal an important amount of damage to a particular enemy and you should save them for special occasions as it’ll improve your clearing times and will allow you to have an easier overall experience during these important fights. My recommendation to you would be to just go crazy with the special weaponry when you’re fighting a boss as they can kill you in a fairly quick manner and you’ll lose all your progress on that particular level which isn’t very good and might make you quit the game.

Unkilled Review

MADFINGER Games as a development studio is already used to developing mobile First Person Shooters and every single one of their games have been praised on both platforms. They’ve always been very conscious with the way the carry things out and the overall optimizations found within the game just makes everything better as you won’t need the latest hardware in order to actually be able to play it. The game has a lot of content which is always nice as that means it has the ability to keep you interested for quite a while as it has a good long term playability. Seems like they’ve covered any rough edges and every single thing that could go wrong because most feedback is just positive and there aren’t any mentions regarding bugs or anything for that matter.

The game per se features enough original content to easily stand out from the rest which is something very good as most First Person Shooters have actually tried to achieve what they’ve achieved with Unkilled. The game features an immersive storyline where you’ll have to solve a lot of problems in a zombie-plagued city that’s falling apart despite the efforts from the people who are left alive to actually rebuild it. Most of the time you’ll get called because of an outbreak or a sudden breach on a previously safe zone. You’ll have a few missions and there’s also an online mode where you’re able to attack other players in order to gain items and money which will help you become even stronger and you might even gain special items this way which will come in handy when tackling against bosses.


Unkilled has a very good storyline and enough original content to be respected within the community and it also has a very good and simple gameplay that still rewards you depending on your skill which is something rather odd to be featured within these games and that’s something really good because of how rewarding it feels to earn trophies because of your accuracy or survival index. The developers paid a lot of attention to the details as the graphics are just amazing and they lack of any bugs which is extremely nice. There’s also an interesting yet amazing balance between the soundtrack and the sound effects as they both match the apocalyptic feel the game tries to provide with the environmental decoration and the fact that none of them interfere with each other just makes it feel even better.

We’re facing a very good game that has a fairly easy time when it comes to providing the most excellent and immersive experience ever. You’ll notice that it features a huge amount of high quality content and that the graphics present within the core of the game are just amazing. You’ll have to fight endless hordes of enemies and several different bosses that’ll make things difficult for you but in a good way as it’s also more fun trying to beat these particular levels and it feels a lot more rewarding.

Unkilled Ratings

Artwork: The game doesn’t have a hard time striking you with the intended apocalyptic feel as you’ll get that vibe from the very beginning of the game and as you go through the game itself it just intensifies as you’ll experience the entirety of the environment found within the game. The developers paid a lot of attention to the graphical aspect as there are zero complaints on that department because the game just looks amazing. I give Unkilled a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effects: Unkilled features a lot of original and interesting content and part of that is the amazing balance found between the soundtrack and the sound effects of the game as they match the whole apocalyptic vibe to perfection without any problems and makes the overall experience feel a lot more immersive. You won’t have any problems having a lot of fun with this game as it seems like they’ve covered all the rough edges present on it. I give Unkilled a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: The game does feature an interesting storyline that’ll keep you interested for the entirety of your experience and it also does feature a lot of original content which is very good and the fact that the quality of the content is fairly high just makes everything even better. You won’t have any issues understanding why this game has been as successful on both platforms as you’ll already know the answer from the very beginning of the tutorial. I give Unkilled a 10/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: Unkilled features a very good and complex gameplay that requires a lot of practice and that’s excellent as it feels much more rewarding to earn your score by actually being good at it after a long time practicing. The game rewards skill and that’s something that’s highly appreciated on any sector of the community. I give Unkilled a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: This is a game that can be fairly addictive and it won’t have any problems getting you hooked up on it. The amount of original features and high quality content just makes it an excellent game that’ll keep you playing it for quite a while. I give Unkilled a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Unkilled a 9/10 rating.

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