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Stony Road Review & Cheats for Gems, All Balls, & No Ads Unlock

What lies at the end of the Stony Road? Is this yet another mystery such as the ones circling about the real purpose of the Stonehenge, in modern day 2016? Why don’t you take a look and find out in this brand new high score based arcade game? Keep tapping to jump and double jump, avoid falling into the water or hitting stones, and try to beat the global high scores!

Stony Road is a high score based arcade game released for both Android and iOS systems, developed by No Power-Up, and published by Ketchapp for 2016. Stony Road is yet another of Ketchapp’s famous arcade titles, just like the previously released Jelly Jump, Twist, The Pit, Adventure Cube and many more.

The average user ratings for Stony Road are currently at 4.2/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while it has received a slightly worse 3.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store in 2016. With the obvious difference between these ratings, the download numbers for the game are also only between 50,000 and 100,000 at the moment. These statistics are not the most promising, but if the game turns out to be addictive enough, it can still reach success. Will it though? Read on to find out!

About Stony Road

There isn’t much point in wasting time trying to find special meanings behind the phenomenon of Stony Road, as it’s clearly a game made to test the reflexes and skill of its players. The charmingly simple, neverending stone road that you can see right from the menu is where the game will take place, as you control an always moving ball on top of said road. But what is the goal of the game?

The goal is as straightforward as it gets: You must make sure the ball doesn’t fall into the water below, or hits a stone block in front of it. If either of these things happens, then the current run is over. But if you manage to keep the ball out of trouble for long enough, then your score will increase high enough that you could even end up on the global leaderboards.


Since the ball will keep moving forward on its own from the moment you start a game, the only way to ensure it avoids danger is by tapping on the screen, which will cause the ball to jump. This is the one touch mechanic that you will have to utilize to be successful. But don’t worry, to make things a bit easier, you can also do a double jump in the air by tapping on the screen again!

As your ball rolls forward on the Stony Road, the road will constantly transform in various ways, making your journey more difficulty, but also more exciting. At times part of the road might fall into the water, leaving a hole that you have to jump over, while it other times the stone could raise high above the water, forcing you to jump up on top of it. From here on parts of the stone could create a bridge with holes high above, stony stairs, floating stone blocks, or even pillars of stone with huge gaps in between. These are just a few examples, but the way the stone road shifts itself makes the game as challenging as it gets, because you can never expect what exactly will change in front of you.

The more of these stony obstacles you get past the more points you get, as each obstacle counts for one point. But other than avoiding the dangers of the road, you will have a secondary objective as well. At times you will be able to find green gems floating above the stone blocks, which when collected will be added to your gem stash.

Once you manage to collect 100 of these gems, you can head over to the ball selection menu of Stony Road, where the option to exchange 100 gems for a random new ball arises. There are 60 distinct balls available here, including ones such as the Eye, Candy Crush, Barbie, Melon, Krypton, Infected, Doom, Poison, Titan, Marble, Fish Egg, Aqua and more.


If for some reason you don’t want to spend time collecting these tiny green gems, then instead you can consider paying for some of the in-app purchases. The cheapest one of these is the one that costs $1.99 and provides you with 250 gems, while the most expensive pack goes for $9.99 and includes 2,350 gems. Other than these, the game also has a banner ad at the bottom during gameplay, and a few popup ads after every third run. There is no way to disable these at the moment.

Cheats & Tips for Stony Road

Stony Road is one of those high score based games that puts the emphasis on pure gameplay, but still offers some unlockables for progression’s sake. To unlock the new ball types faster, you could take advantage of a few gem cheats. If you are not afraid to deal with these cheats, then read on below to find them, along with some tips and tricks!


Among the most useful cheats available for the game is the one that lets you watch an ad in exchange for 20 gems. This cheat is only shown on the end game screen after every few tries, but whenever it appears you should take up on the offer! Just by watching a 20 seconds long ad you can get 20 gems, which translates to one gem every second. Incredible!

A secondary way to get free gems at the end game screen of Stony Road is by claiming gifts. The game will sometimes tell you that you have a gift ready, and all you have to do is tap on the highlighted circle. This will then present you with an amount of gems between 5 to 100. Sure, it can be a rather low amount, but what if you hit the jackpot? It’s all free anyways!

As for a gameplay tip to keep in mind, don’t forget that you are not forced to double jump each time. Sometimes a stone pillar might seem to be very tall, but double jumping will cause you to fall over it. After getting used to the controls you will get better at judging the distances a jump can get you, but at first try to simple jump over most obstacles, as not many of them require a double jump. The ability to double jump at all times is a beginner trap, so be aware!

Stony Road Review

I must admit, even though Ketchapp games are often high quality, there is a line after which these high score based games feel a bit too similar to eachother. I was afraid that this feeling would be apparent in Stony Road, but still decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Was it a wrong decision?


Wrong decision or not, this is a game that is definitely not bad. The core gameplay mechanics work as advertised, but this doesn’t mean that they are interesting. The one touch controls to jump and double jump with the always rolling ball is an idea familiar from other Ketchapp titles, but the presentation is different. But is the fact that the game takes place in a different looking environment enough to make it stand out?

In the beginning I spent at least 10 or 15 attempts trying to get used to the controls that require fast reaction times and precise timing to pull of correctly. This made it obvious to me that this is not an easy game at all, and even though I expect difficulty from these high score based titles, this is one that felt more punishing than usual. This is not an issue in and of itself though, as many players are looking for this kind of challenge.

The biggest problem in Stony Road comes from the fact that it just doesn’t play in a very interesting way. The gameplay is rather mundane, and it can get repetitive early on. Sure, the visuals are nice, and the way the road shifts in front of me is interesting, but the gameplay that comes from this shifting is not exciting. It’s just the same thing over and over again, while it feels unneccesarily punishing. Just hitting a stone block a tiny bit on the edge causes instant failure, which is annoying.

The unlockables system is also very similar to what has already been done in the usual Ketchapp games. I mean collecting 100 of a currency, then unlocking a random ball is just the same thing as always. Thankfully the balls have a lot of variety, although earning gems for them is slow without taking advantage of the ad offers.

This would not be that bad, but Stony Road has quite a few ads otherwise as well, in the form of constantly apparent banner ads at the bottom, as well as popup ads after every third run. Because of the short nature of a run, this means an ad pops up once every minute at least, which can get frustrating in the long run, especially since there is no way to disable them.


In conclusion, Stony Road is another one of the typical Ketchapp high score based games, but this time around it fails to innovate or feel unique enough. It might still provide entertainment for a player new to these kind of games, but for someone who has played too many of them already, it will turn repetitive early on.

Stony Road Ratings

Artwork: For the artwork of Stony Road, I give it an 8/10. I actually enjoyed the visuals a lot in this title, even more than the gameplay itself. Sure, it might be rather simplistic, but the little cracks in the road and the animations as it shifts around are very well done, while the tiny frogs in the background add a cuteness factor.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of this title get an 8/10 as well. Even though the game has no background music, passing obstacles and jumping will make musical notes at times, which turns into an interesting mix of sounds. As for the SFX, the croaking of the frogs and the quiet nature sounds in the background add another layer to the audio experience.

Story & Originality: Originality wise, I give Stony Road a 4/10. Unfortunately, this game is not very unique. Sure, visually it looks different than the rest, but the gameplay itself is basically the same thing as always. Tap to cause a ball to jump and avoid obstacles, nothing else.

General Gameplay: I give the general gameplay a rating of 5/10. Despite the fact that the core gameplay mechanics are solid, they are just not compelling enough to keep playing. Tapping to cause the ball to jump above or on obstacles is not fun enough, especially when the tiniest mistake can mean the end of a run. The game just feels too punishing with not enough positive feedback, while the banner and popup ads also take away from the experience.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness level of Stony Road gets a 3/10. I just can’t help but feel like playing 10 or 20 runs of this game is more than enough to experience everything it has to offer. Sure, someone who is either new to these kind of games, or someone who wants to get to the top of the leaderboards might play this for longer, but the interruptions by ads and the generally uninteresting gameplay make this hardly addictive.

Overall Score: 5/10.

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