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Spellspire Tips, Cheats, & Hack for Gold, Scrolls, & Reward Chests

Never has spelling been so vital in killing monsters as it is in Spellspire. Leave your spellchecker behind in this typing RPG and take to the 100 levels of battle available currently in 2016. Fight hordes of monsters and enemies in every level of Spellspire in order to earn more coins and upgrade your character to be more powerful and resilient. Be careful though, as you progress through the game, you will find that the enemies get progressively more difficult. Do you have the vocabulary necessary to become the ultimate Spellspire in 2016?

Spellspire is an iOS game made by 10tons that has amassed a lot of popularity since its release. Working with iOS 7.0 or later, this game is also compatible, and just as beautiful, on iPads. Spellspire has had a lot of attention following its release. Just a week after the game was released onto the App Store, Spellspire has already had over 2,000 ratings which average out to 4.5 stars per rating in 2016. Spellspire is deserving of this reception for the reason that its gameplay is wonderful.

Spellspire operates on the idea of spelling as many words as you can from a small amount of letters. Given 10 letters, you are challenged to spell out as many words of any length longer than 3 letters. Your goal is to clear many floors of a spire by spelling, hence the game’s name: Spellspire.

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About Spellspire

Before going into a battle, you have some time and money to spend in the shop where you can upgrade or buy new wands, robes, or hat for your mage. The method for unlocking these upgrades is by completing levels in the spire or by completing each levels challenge by beating that level twice. All of the items in the shop have their own unique stats as well as special abilities that can all greatly impact your gameplay.In the shop you can also collect free gifts, and make in app purchases as well.


Pressing play in the top right corner, you are then prompted with a menu that will describe the monsters and enemies that you are about to fight. By pressing play again you go to the highest floor that you haven’t finished yet. You are thrown into a battle where you will face monster by monster. You attack with words. Every word you spell will do a certain amount of damage, which is based on the stats of your wand as well as the length of your word. Every letter in length above three letters effectively triples your damage. There are also items which you can add to your inventory by picking them up in battle.

These items can do all sorts of things from type words for you, deal damage to the enemies, or even heal your wizard. The powerups are usually best saved for the boss battle in the end because they do the most damage. By dealing damage to the enemies, you can kill them and reach your way to the treasure at the very end. At the end of every battle, you must fight a resilient and strong boss enemy by spelling out your longest words to do the most damage to them. The treasure at the end of a level will have substantial gold that you can use in the shop to upgrade your wizard further.

After you beat a level in Spellspire, you have the opportunity to play it again to complete its challenge and to earn a star which can be used to unlock more gear in the shop. To play a level again, you will have to play for the cost of one of your lives. However, the gameplay of the level will not be the same the second time around. The game challenges you by setting a new goal on a level that usually involves avoiding damage and making the enemies more difficult in order to earn that levels star. This is a fair balance because then it would be to easy to just win a level twice in a row and call it good. These “challenge” levels can also be used to grind out gold if you cannot beat your current level.

However, Spellspire is not an easy game; you will lose a lot. Unless you have a perfect vocabulary, you’re not always going to be able to complete an entire level. For every enemy that you are facing, their own attack speed statistic is going to change how fast you need to kill them. A visible timer in the middle of the screen will count down until the enemy will attack. Depending on the enemies attack strength, a single attack can bring you down a quarter health all the way to maiming you with a sliver left over. If you die you will lose one of your lives, which is how the game slows down your gameplay.

You will always have a maximum of 5 lives in Spellspire. Every time that you die in a level, you will lose a life. Playing the maximum level available, however, doesn’t take away any of your health. Replaying old levels to complete their challenges will cost you one life per entry. The regeneration of lives is at a rate of one life per half an hour meaning you have to wait quite a while before you can fully get in the swing of things after a long losing streak.


There is a lot of gameplay ahead of you in Spellspire. There are numerous amounts of wands, robes, and hats for you to unlock and upgrade. There are exactly 100 levels for you to spell your way through. There is potentially 200 different levels that you can challenge yourself with and enjoy.

Spellspire In Game Store

Spellspire is a free to play game which means that it is subject to the things that you’d expect from a free to play game. There are no shortage of in app purchases available to you in Spellspire. You can spend $0.99 to fill your inventory with powerful scrolls to blast your foes to smithereens. In addition to that, you can spend $1.99 to buy a reward chest that is equal in value to the daily reward chest, without all of the waiting. For the low price of $3.99, you can buy Boots of Gold which increase all of your gold income by 50% which can be extremely advantageous.


If premium currency is more of your deal, then Spellspire has got the deal for you. You can buy packs of the earnable currency through in app purchases ranging from $0.99 for 10,000 gold all the way to $19.99 for 1,000,000 gold coins. The game consistently makes it very obvious that all in app purchases also remove the in game advertising.

Cheats & Tips for Spellspire

One thing that is very important to do at the start of every battle is to look at your letters intently for letter combinations. More importantly look for suffixes. Suffixes are those little 1-3 letter additions to words that can change their meaning or tense of speech. Some common suffixes that you might identify are “es”, “s”, “er”, “en”, or “ed’. All of these letters can be put at the end of almost any word. I recommend looking to see if you have any “s” letters first because with an “s”, you can effectively make a free word for every additional word you make. Additionally, adding one letter to a word can often triple the damage that it puts out, and in Spellspire, more damage means more winning.


Another technique is to save the big words you find for later. Once you have typed in a word into the battle, you cannot use that same word again. If you are looking at your scramble of 10 letters and you see a 5-7 letter long word, it might be wise to save that one for later. Longer words are going to do more damage so it is wise to save those words for the boss battles at the end of a level. A lot of the time, you can find smaller words within bigger words like the word “test” in “tester”. A lot of the time, you can take out up to three smaller words out of the big words that you find.

For the cheater in all of us, there must be a way that we can manipulate the game to make every level super easy. For this, i recommend turning to the internet for your cheating. There are plenty of websites intended for games like Scrabble or Words With Friends that are dedicated to unscrambling letters. If you quickly type in your letters into these letter unscramblers, you can quickly discover potentially hundred of word combinations that can quickly get you through any level. This is a sure fire cheat that will make you win every level you encounter, considering that your equipment is up to date.


It is not always the best decision to go into a level blind. Before you hit play on a level, you can actually see which enemies you are going to face against. For this, i recommend buying a monsterpedia which gives you details on the strengths and weaknesses of every enemy. Knowing what the hardest enemies are weak to before a battle allows you to prepare by equipping a wand that only deals that kind of damage. Another thing that you should always keep in mind is the level of your gear. One item that is recommended to be leveled up a lot is your hat. The wizard hat grants you a lot of health and a lot of health can make Spellspire a hard game to lose.

Spellspire Review

Spellspire is an overall extremely fun game. The games rapid success after its release definitely shows how a great game will get the recognition that it deserves. The game is hands down gorgeous. It may be weird to call cartoon graphics like those found in Spellscribe as beautiful but the cartoony nature aside, the design of every aspect of Spellspire is very well done. The monster designs are very, i mean extremely, well done and there is nothing in this game that isn’t drawn extremely well.


Another aspect of Spellspire that really stood out to me were the music and sound design. For once, I found myself not annoyed at the sound of generic mobile games that all use the same song. One thing about the sound design in Spellspire is that it never gets repetitive. Every action in the battle and every key pressed or even every letter that you take back all have a very definitive feel that, when paired with the responsive controls, seems super natural.

Gameplay is somewhere where Spellspire really shines as a game. This is one of the first games of its type and I commend 10tons for this. Never have dungeon crawling and typing quickly been combined into one very well made video game. The typing mechanic of the game is extremely satisfying even though it’s admittedly difficult to get used to some of the more fine tuned controls later on.

Overall, Spellspire is an extremely original game that is also really fun to play over and over again. There are not a lot of games that can say they are as gripping as Spellspire.

Spellspire Ratings

Artwork: I give Spellspire a 10/10 for its excellent artwork. The art design in Spellspire is wonderful. Every menu button and UI is beautifully made and fittingly incorporated into the theme of the game.  The character design is also very, very strong. Your wizard and his clothes are unique, the variety in enemies are something to behold, there is not a lot of places where there hasn’t already been meticulous attention to detail in this game.

Music & SFX: I give Spellspire a 9/10 for its music and sound effects. The music and sound effects of Spellspire are among the best music and sound effects that I have ever heard. The sound design is extremely immersive and satisfying to listen to. The sounds are cute and bubbly, which match the theme of the game aesthetically.

Story & Originality: I give Spellspire a 8/10 for it’s story and originality. Though there is no story in Spellspire, there is definitely no need. Where Spellspire excels in this category is purely in its originality. There are plenty of typing games out there and let alone thousands of word games available. Never before have we seen a word game combined with combat like we have here. This unique idea is executed so well that I can not wait for all of the clones that come trying to emulate this style.

General Gameplay: I give Spellspire a 9/10 for its general gameplay. The typing of letters is so fun and satisfying that you often can’t get enough. The entire premise of the game is very fun and making progress is very satisfying. No matter what, you can always find something to do in Spellspire and that is what makes it so much fun to play.

Addictiveness: I give Spellspire a 8/10 for its addictiveness. Spellspire is extremely addicting, and paired with its awesome gameplay and beautiful artwork, there almost no reason to ever leave the game. However, this doesn’t mean that criticism isn’t invited. After losing 5 times, you will find that you are completely drained of lives to keep on playing. This can cause the user to put down the game and never play it again.

Overall I give Spellspire a 9/10 rating.

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