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Shadow Battle Review & Tips for Coins

Blackhole Studio is a fairly new company that hasn’t been around for long. This company is the developer responsible for the production and constant development of Shadow Battle, a new game that while it’s different, has a lot of potential to be a big success. The game features an interesting premise as you’ll notice from the beginning of it. It’s a war between different shadows and you’ll have to fight all of them. There are currently 5 playable shadows and you’re able to choose only one of them in 2016. However, the design of these shadows resemble characters from other sagas such as Dragon Ball Z or Iron Man and Hulk.

The interfaces has been properly design and they work to perfection as there are no bugs and the developers are fairly active on the feedback section reading all the complaints and issues most players might have and they try to solve them right away in 2016. They’ve kept the game updated with the latest bug fixes and optimization and as a result we have a pretty solid game. The whole graphic aspect is worthy of being mentioned having in mind the quality found within it I’d say the developers had to put a lot of work into it.

Shadow Battle is only available for Android devices and this isn’t surprising as the developers are fairly new to the market. But that doesn’t really mean that iOS devices won’t get their own version in a near future as most developers would be looking to expand their customer and user base fairly quick. This game has gotten mostly good feedback and around 4.1 rating stars with over 4,500 total reviews on the Google Play Store and most of the time it’s just regarding the potential this game really has as the game is still in its early stages in 2016.

About Shadow Battle

Shadow Battle is a game that features an interesting and innovative basic premise. You’re a shadow that must fight other shadows in order to survive. The game also features such a good gameplay where you won’t have that much of an issue getting used to it as the game is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. As you progress through the game you’ll notice that this game does feature a lot of content despite featuring only 5 playable characters as each of this characters has an entirely different skill set with its own sound effects and visual effects of its own which is very nice as it keeps most players interested into seeing the entirety of the content available for them.


However, most of the time you’ll have to fight over and over again the same enemy as the fights can be fairly easy you won’t have any issues with it. In the case scenario where you’re having issues with the whole gameplay and such you could just go through the tutorials as they’re perfectly implemented within the main interface of the game and you won’t have any issues finding it or understanding the content explained in there which will give you a fair understanding on the game basics and the mechanics behind it.

I’d like to admit that the game does have a lot of potential despite the fact that it only features 5 playable characters at the moment. The developers have paid a lot of attention to what’s being said on the feedback section and they’ve complied with the users’ demands and that’s what making the game what it really is without putting aside their own original features. The developers also put a lot of effort towards the optimization of the game as you’ll be able to tell from its compatibility. You won’t have any issues with this game on any device you throw it into because you don’t really need the latest hardware in order to actually enjoy of a good and complete experience of this game.

The game itself features a lot of interesting features from the combat mechanics to the upgrading system which is something very nice. The developers wanted to make sure that the users get a really good stable experience where they wouldn’t have any issues getting immersed into and that’s pretty much what they’ve achieved with this game as it features a lot of original content and fun features that’ll keep you playing for long periods of time.

This just feel like those old fighting games that you use to play on the consoles with your friends back in the day but now it’s on your mobile phone and you get to play it everywhere you go. The game can be a lot of fun as the skills are quite flashy and the overall combat mechanics are pretty easy to understand and you’ll start having fun right off the tutorial as it’ll explain everything to you while fighting for the first time.

Shadow Battle in Game Store

Shadow Battle features a really simple in game store as it’ll only allow you to buy more of the normal currency by using real currency. This normal currency is simply known as coins and you won’t have any problems with the use of those as they can boost your character’s abilities by a really important measure. From the very beginning of the game you’ll be introduced to the upgrading system and that’s something very nice as it allows you to improve the overall performance of your character but the fact that they cost a lot of money isn’t very helpful and you might have to spend a lot of time grinding those coins in order to be able to barely upgrade one of your abilities.


But if you spend a few bucks on the game you’ll have plenty of coins to upgrade all at once and start owning the entirety of the game with ease. Most of the time the enemies won’t really stand a chance against you not even at higher levels as your character will be pretty much maxed up which allows you to be the most powerful shadow on the game.

Cheats & Tips for Shadow Battle

Shadow Battle is a platform fighting game where you’ll have to own your rival before he owns you. That’s going to take a few hits and a few loses most of the time and you’ll have to get used to it until you upgrade the entirety of the skill set featured by your character. But there are a handful of tips and cheats that might allow you to have a much easier experience that might help you achieving the whole main objective of the game. Have in mind that it’ll always feel more rewarding to figure out these things by yourself.

This game requires a lot of focusing and you’ll have to find a quiet place where you can sit for a while and play the game without being disturbed at any point. This will significantly improve your performance as you’ll have better reaction times and you’ll just think faster. Most of the time if you’re having a tough time with a particular level you can simply try to calm down, relax and find a quiet spot where you can really focus on the game and improve your overall performance. This could end up allowing you to clear those particularly difficult levels where you might get stuck for a while.


The game benefits greatly from the combo system and that’s something you must learn by yourself as it varies from character to character. However, by mastering the combo system you won’t really have the need of any help to clear any levels. You won’t even need any upgrades as the combo system by itself boosts the overall damage caused by each one of your abilities which is something quite nice and that once you’re good at it most fights will be a walk in the park. However if you’re not up for mastering the button smashing aspect of the game you might just try to upgrade your character’s abilities by using coins which will boost your character’s stats and make it more powerful by a very important measure.

If you’re running low on funds and want to upgrade a particular skill set or you just feel like you want to upgrade it all without the endless hours of grinding. You can just go to the in game store and buy some coins off with the use of real currency. As you go through the game you’ll notice that your character has different skill trees and that each one of them has a different impact on your performance. Improve the skill tree that you use the most and that’s the key to improving your character’s skills to the point where you won’t have any problems in most fights.


Also, if you just need a few coins you can simply share the game on your social networks this will give you a one-time coin reward that might solve the problem for you or you could just finish the entirety of the tutorial with flying colors which will also give you a small coin reward that’ll get you going your way in no time.

Shadow Battle Review

Blackhole Studio is a new company that hasn’t been around for long but that doesn’t really mean that they’re not able to develop high quality content which is what they did with Shadow Battle. A new game with a really good and interesting proposal that hasn’t been seen before which makes it even better. You won’t experience any interest hiccups with this game as it keeps everything interesting with a really good progression system where you’ll have to fight, earn coins and upgrade your character so that you can fight on the difficult levels with ease.


The game itself features enough content to make it stand out from the rest from the very beginning of the game as you’ll notice that it’s mostly high quality original content that’ll keep most players interested on the game for long periods of time. However, the game does have a few things that have been copied from other sagas such as Dragon Ball Z, Iron Man and Hulk but that’s just the characters’ layouts. The skills are fairly different on each case and that’s what makes the game provide a unique experience that’ll keep you on your toes wanting for more. The game makes you remember those times when you used to play this kind of games on consoles with your friends but now Blackhole Studio took the matter into their own hands and developed a good and stable experience for you to play on the go which makes it very nice.

Shadow Battle has a very good graphical aspect where you won’t really have any problems with it I mean, the focus they’ve taken towards the artwork and the importance of the artwork to the game makes it even better. The developers also paid close attention to the sound aspect of the game as it features a really good soundtrack and the most fitting sound effects kit ever as these two aspects are pretty much the most important ones towards providing a really good immersive experience without any problems. Each of the skills from each of the characters have different visual and sound effects which helps a lot when it comes to providing that particular unique experience the developers had in mind when developing this game.


However, despite the fact that the developers did a pretty good job with how intuitive the game really is some players might experience an overwhelming feel from the game and that’s mostly because of how much content this game really has. That’s where the tutorials come in and the developers made sure for them to be as explicit as possible so that you don’t encounter any problems understanding any of it.

The game features some sort of a storyline that’ll keep you going most of the time and the amount of original features just makes it overall better but as you go through the game you’ll notice that there’s plenty of things to unravel within the game and that’s pretty much the main attractive feature of this game besides the fighting of course.

It can be really addictive as you’ll experience the entirety of its content from the very beginning of the game what will keep you interested for long periods of time. You’ll have to spend lots of time unraveling the content within the game in order to actually go through the entirety of its content but that’s not a problem as you’ll end up playing for long periods of time by yourself.

Shadow Battle Ratings

Artwork: The game features a really good artwork and graphical aspect where you won’t have any issues knowing what it’s all about. The game does have a few things they’ve gotten from other series such as Dragon Ball Z, Iron Man and Hulk but that’s just the characters’ layouts. As you go through the game however you’ll notice the originality of the aspects featured within the game and how much work the developers must have put into it. I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and SFX: Shadow Battle features a really cool balance between the soundtrack and the sound effects kit so that none interferes with each other. But they also fit the whole thematic to perfection so that there are no complications when it comes to getting that immersive experience the developers talk about. I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating for its music and sfx.

Story and Originality: Shadow Battle features some sort of what could be a storyline and it does feature enough original content to stand out from the rest and make the game very worthwhile. You’ll experience the entirety of the content from the very beginning of the game and it’ll keep you interested in it for long periods of time. I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay found within the game just makes it very easy to go through the game without any problems as the game itself is fairly intuitive. Despite the fact that this game features a lot of content and how overwhelming it might feel at a certain point it also features a really good tutorial that’s as explicit as possible and will give you a fair understanding on the game’s proper functioning. I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: As you go through the game you’ll notice the entirety of this game’s content which makes it fairly attractive and you’ll end up spending a lot of time unraveling the content featured within the game. I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Shadow Battle a 9/10 rating.

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