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Rats Invasion Hack & Cheats for All Levels & God Mode Unlock

Rats Invasion is a puzzle browser game developed by Anton Kosheckin for Fast Games, a publisher which has its own browser titles portal which contains more than 1,000 games such as ‘Command and Control’, ‘Uphill Rush’ or ‘Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade’ for 2016. This title is available on many other portals so feel free to choose your preferred one (even though we suggest to stick with the original one). It doesn’t have big hardware requirements and it can be played on almost any PC/Laptop with flash.

In Rats Invasion you take the role of an unlucky individual whose house has been invaded by rats in 2016. Because you don’t want to spend money on a professional exterminator and because you are bored anyway, you decide to start a war against the rats and use whatever you can to destroy them. Prepare yourself for a pretty violent encounter where poison, screw nuts and smoke-bombs will be used as more or less effective weapons.

The game doesn’t require a mandatory sign-up and currently there aren’t any ways of linking an account with it. However, this isn’t necessarily a problem for as long as you don’t delete your browser history or cookies because the progress will be saved so you will be required to start over from the beginning each time you play. On the other hand, you will not be able to continue the game on another PC or browser.

Rats Invasion is a game without microtransactions but that doesn’t come up as a big surprise because there aren’t any currencies available either. This title is a classical browser game where you will have to use more or less ethical ways in order to win.

Rats Invasion Hack for All Levels & God Mode Unlock 2016

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Cheats & Tips for Rats Invasion

  • Think before you act. You need to watch the surroundings and understand the mechanics before you start shooting. Each level is unique so it should be approached differently.


  • In addition to the above rule, don’t forget that there are multiple strategies for each level. There is no shame of reloading every once in awhile so go ahead and experiment. You may discover some really funny combos.
  • It may sound like common sense but you never know. The only objects you can interact with are the bright-colored ones. The rest are part of the background and they will stay that way.
  • When you have multiple cannons, shift between them any time is necessary. By doing so, you make sure that no pesky little rat will survive and that you will clear the level from your first try.
  • Rats don’t die instantly. They need to be in a “danger zone” for about 2 seconds in order to go to a better place so you should not try to overkill them.
  • You can change the cannon power using the mouse. I strongly advise you not to use more power than necessary or weird things will happen.
  • The cheese bait has unlimited range but only horizontally. If you manage to launch it to a surface, all the rats from that ‘layer’ (horizontally) will be attracted by it.
  • Rats can escape. If they aren’t damaged by an object and they fall, they will survive and you will lose the level. They must be killed before they get out of your sight.


  • When a rat seems to be unreachable, you should always remember that you can use the sticky bombs to kill them. That will work for as long as the bomb literally sticks to their body.

Rats Invasion Review

One of the best ways to pass time during boring computer science classes at school (kids, don’t listen to me, school is great) was to play browser games. When I was a student, there weren’t many complex titles so I had to be thankful of any browser game, no matter how good it was. Time has passed, ten thousands of games were published, new platforms appeared but I still feel the urge to play a classic random browser title now and then. Rats Invasion is one of the simplest yet funny games I had the pleasure to try in the last months.


Undoubtedly, the best feature I had the pleasure to encounter in Rats Invasion is the unicity of each level. The developers did a marvelous job from this point of view. Each levels comes with new obstacles and new weapons so you will not get bored easily. There will even be several ways to complete a level depending on your playstyle, or ultimately on luck. In addition to this, the difficulty raises gradually (each level is getting harder) and you also unlock stuff while advancing.

You are not granted with all the ammo types available in-game so you will have to use whatever you have at the moment (don’t worry, it will be useful stuff). Another great thing about Rats Invasion is the game’s overall atmosphere. Because the person who chose the soundtrack was really inspired, the music of Rats Invasion is awesome and so is the character design (I did not say the artwork, you will see later what I am talking about).

One other interesting thing about Rats Invasion is the fact that the game has a leaderboard where you can see your best scores and that each level has a timer which proves how fast you were when you faced the ‘puzzles’. Also, it is worth mentioning that there aren’t any ads in Rats Invasion so you will not be disrupted during your gameplay.  

Here comes the part where I talk about what changes I would make to the game if given the possibility or what I simply don’t like about Rats Invasion. I will try to keep it short. First of all, probably the biggest issue I have with the game is that it is too short and it doesn’t have any other game modes or a campaign. If there were such things, the replay value of Rats Invasion would have been much higher. By the time you realize how much fun you are having with this weird little game, the end credits will make you sad.

Having the possibility of playing something similar to challenges or changing the house for the garden (for example) would be not-so-hard to implement features that will definitely help the game shine more. Secondly, one other annoying this is the fact that, at the moment, there are a lot of bugs and glitches than can partially or totally ruin the fun. For example, there are situations where the level will continue indefinitely because the rat gets out of bounds or because your projectile disappears into another realm (I am overreacting a bit here but I swear it felt that way).

Having a beta tester to a browser game is very rare but it would avoid situations like this. Maybe the next Rat Invasion will be better optimized from this point of view. Lastly but not least, I don’t like the way the levels are unlocked. You get 5 levels at a time but you are required to complete all of the 5 levels so you can unlock the others. I personally prefer one level at a time or having the possibility of unlocking levels depending on the skill or time used for completing others.


Overall, Rats Invasion is a game I would probably recommend. It is surprisingly fun and I guarantee that you will enjoy it. The title is the perfect choice after a long stressful day. It will undoubtedly bring a big grin to your face.


Artwork: Rats Invasion gets a 7 out of 10 rating for its artwork. The game’s theme is very colorful and it suggests right from the beginning that the title shouldn’t be taken too seriously (in a good way). The character design is minimalistic (literally, the only characters are some rats which must die by your hand) and you have no clue of your looks. The environment is the best thing in the game’s artwork because it is unique on each level and most of it can be interacted with. The animations effects are few and they don’t stand out in any way.

Music & SFX: I give the game a rating of 10 out of 10 at this section. Probably where you would have expected the less, Rats Invasion shines the most. The soundtrack is awesome and the songs are some of the catchiest I had the pleasure to hear. As I mentioned before, the atmosphere created by the music (with the help of the artwork, I must admit) is amazing. Moreover, the sound effects are hilarious and you will almost feel bad (or not) for the rats you are basically torturing. The environment SFX is also pretty cool so there isn’t literally anything to complain about.

Story/Originality: Rats Invasion gets a rating of 7 out 10 at this section. The game doesn’t have a story whatsoever but you can easily deduce what are you doing and why are you doing it (you must get rid of the rodents from your house as soon as possible). Personally, I would have preferred a more complex story where the rats are plotting against you. In terms of originality, I must say that the game finds itself in a decent situation but it could have looked better. There aren’t enough new unseen elements so you can properly rate the authenticity level. All in all, taken as a whole, the game is more than fine at this ‘department’.

General Gameplay: I give Rats Invasion a rating of 8 out of 10 for its general gameplay. You don’t have a tutorial at the beginning but every time you will encounter something new, the game will give you hints about it. From this point of view, the approach is perfect for the game’s genre. The mechanics are fairly complex and the game will feel challenging and even a bit unfair from time to time but that doesn’t mean that it is suited only for hardcore players – it is just hard to master. For the time I’ve played I haven’t encountered any major bugs, freezes or crashes.

Addictiveness: Rats Invasion gets a rating of 7 out of 10 for its addictiveness. Having the game being a personal favorite doesn’t give me the rights to ‘judge’ subjectively the addictiveness of the title. Besides the initial fun you will have with the game, there will not be anything else to do. You don’t have any replay value, there aren’t any different modes, you don’t have achievements or challenges and the idea of character progression/leveling-up doesn’t exist in-game. The leaderboards are available only local and there is no possibility of playing the game from different browsers.

Rats Invasion gets a rating of 7.8 out of 10. This title might not be so popular among common browser games players but it definitely has potential. With a little bit of luck and some smart exposure, I believe that it got what it takes to become pretty well-known.

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