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Pixel Cup Soccer 16 Guide & Cheats for All Arenas & Teams Unlock

Soccer, or as some preferably call it football, is one of the most popular and oldest sports in the history of competitive activities around the world. Even for those who aren’t fans of the sport, or sports in general, the presence of soccer has been a strong presence around people, especially when it comes to the world cup which is usually a make or break moment for every nation involved. To no surprise, soccer has been also ripe with video game adaptations such as the popular FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series released prior to as well as in 2016. Today, soccer fans who are looking for a chance to play the sport of the affectionately nicknamed ‘beautiful game’ on their mobile devices can look forward on the game we will be covering today, Pixel Cup Soccer 16.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is an arcade soccer game developed by ODT S.A. for 2016. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 gives a fast paced arcade-like style of gameplay with soccer and takes a fictionalized version of the actual FIFA association. Appropriately named Pixel Cup Soccer 16, the game also takes a pixel-art laden backdrop and style complete with fictionalized counterparts of different real life teams and rosters.

During the time Pixel Cup Soccer 16 was being reviewed, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is currently available exclusively on iOS and Android devices and can only be acquired on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in 2016. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is compatible on iOS devices that are running iOS versions 7.0 or above. iOS users who are ready to step foot onto the grassy stadium can go ahead and kick off by downloading Pixel Cup Soccer 16 directly via the Apple App Store with the purchasing price of $2.99 USD. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 so far has received a notably positive reception as evident on Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s Apple App Store entry with an average score rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars from over 850 users in 2016.

About Pixel Cup Soccer 16

In Pixel Cup Soccer 16, players can choose from a variety of teams, and customize their rosters as well. By default, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 features teams and roster members re-named with similar sounding names from their real life counterparts. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 lets players choose from a variety of game modes, such as a practice mode, or an exhibition mode dubbed ‘friendly match’, a penalty kick mode and a tournament mode. All modes can be played either against the computer controlled AI or a friend on the same device with local multiplayer. Along with the variety of game modes, the game also features different stadiums to participate in, along with dynamic gameplay effects such as different weather conditions that slightly affects the gameplay.


Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s controls are laid out on the screen, with a virtual analog stick present on the bottom left corner of the screen which allows the players to freely move their character on any direction through a 360-degree angle. On the bottom right corner is the dash and kick button represented by an ‘X’ and ‘O’ icon respectively. The kick and dash buttons can be used either for shooting to a goal, stealing the ball or passing to a teammate depending on the direction the player character is facing. Due to Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s fast paced arcade nature, the game also simplifies most of the mechanics behind an actual soccer match, such as restricting movement and maneuvers with passes, tackles and goal shots along with penalty shots and the absence of fouls or free kicks during games.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 In Game Store


Pixel Cup Soccer 16 does not feature an in-game store nor the ability to use real life money with in-app purchases. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 however does feature earnable in-game unlocks such as arenas, teams, and special effects and filters such as a retro mode or a CRT mode that emulates the looks of older games being displayed on CRT monitors and screens.

Cheats & Tips for Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Having a tough time with Pixel Cup Soccer 16? Don’t worry you’re not alone, given the fact that the game doesn’t pull any punches despite its more simplified arcade-like mechanics due to AI opponents always being one step ahead, tricky shots to score a goal with or tough weather conditions to get used to. We got you covered of course, just follow our set of tips here and you will be able to score those goals more comfortably and consider yourself qualified for the next virtual FIFA tournament.


90% of the time, you want to do regular kicks often rather than dash kicks so you don’t lose track of the ball or accidentally overshoot it. This is a great technique to do often as you pass the ball among your teammates and keep the opposing team busy by getting them to chase around the ball constantly without a clear distinction on where the ball is headed over next.

The AI controlled opponents adapt and predict your maneuvers often, so what you want to do is sometimes mess around and give them an unpredictable technique. Things like making it close to their goal and suddenly passing the ball farther onto the opposite side of the field. These kind of little changes and differences to your strategy will help you keep the AI confused and your opponents always trying something different rather than adapting to your strategies. This is also a good way to trick your opponent’s goalie and get them off the goal and give you a clearer and easier shot for proper goal. This also holds true during penalty shots, in that the AI can actual adapt and predict your preferred timing and direction when shooting penalty shots, or from the opposite spectrum, predict where you usually keep your defense on when you’re playing as the defending goalie.

Further AI exploits include faking out on whether you’ll actually pass or shoot the ball by facing a certain direction and holding either the kick or dash button. The AI can actually predict if you’ll pass or shoot even just by pressing the buttons rather than actually releasing them, so you’ll actually have a better time faking out the AI rather than other real human opponents. The AI also has an aggressive tendency to dash, meaning you can use this to trick a few opposing players to waste their dash, giving you a free lane to shoot for a goal or alternatively, go for a long pass on a teammate close to the opponent’s goal.

One thing you want to get used to and practice once in awhile is attempting a goal with a kick way across the field while using your goalie. These shots are very long and risky, but it’s usually worth it for the instant score especially early in a game. You can hold down the kick button to charge up a power kick instead, giving you the opportunity to let the ball pass through numerous opponents and hopefully into the goal, and if not, at least close to the goal so that it’s enough for your teammates to pick up from there and score a goal themselves. This is also best suited after your goalie manages to grab a ball from a failed goal attempt from an opponent.


Go for a serpentine or zigzag pattern of movement when you’re headed towards the opposing team’s goal to avoid getting a surprise dash steal from one of your opponents. One technique worth practicing over is a zigzag and constant passing maneuver where you run towards the goal in a zigzag pattern while also passing it over and back to a nearby teammate. Doing this will give you better security of the ball and make the enemies offshoot and miss all their dash attempts.

You should take some time as well on the actual practice mode in the game so you can also refresh yourself first on the feeling and movement of your team. This is also handy before heading into a tournament event, as you can fight an opposing team like this without any consequences. This is also a good easy and safe way to practice a newly assigned roster to your team. This is also good opportunity to practice on stealing and defending, as you can set up a certain behavior for your opponents, as well as the time limit and the general rules of the game.

Speaking of teams, always keep a well-balanced team composition. You always want a good balance between team members who are good at interception, dashing and ball security, as well as players who are good at accuracy and power. It’s not a good idea to stack and specialize a certain composition for your team, as most games especially in tournament mode can be pretty unpredictable.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 Review

I’ve never really followed FIFA nor soccer in general aside from the world cup games, I still am a fan of playing these games due to their fun factor and graphics. While Pixel Cup Soccer 16 isn’t as pretty and complex as the official FIFA games or Pro Evolution Soccer, I still had a ballast with the game, on which I will detail now on my full thoughts about Pixel Cup Soccer 16.


Kicking off the ball after a coin toss, let’s first talk about Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s visual presentation with the game’s graphics and artwork. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 as referenced on the title itself, the game uses a pixel art style to set up the mood and general look of the game, on which it does so pretty effectively. It’s not pixel art for the sake of being retro, but it’s pixel art in the way to convey a more arcade like and enjoyable soccer experience in contrast to its bigger AAA produced soccer simulation counterparts. The pixel aesthetics as well are given a bit of a modern sheen thanks to clever use of lighting and shading, and the colorful palette really gives the looks of the game a very vibrant feel.

One thing that really stands out in Pixel Cup Soccer 16 however is the animation quality. From the simple running animations to kicking the ball and dashing around the field, along with appropriate character expressions. Another outstanding thing with the game is the dynamic weather effects, and how each stadium all look unique from each other. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 manages to look really smooth and detailed and overall very charming.

Hearing the entire crowd go wild, let’s talk about Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s audio presentation with the game’s music and sound effects. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 sports a very energetic arcade-like musical soundtrack, on which it’s very similar to a lot of classic games. It has rock sounding tunes, electronic sounding tunes, jazzy tunes and more, and are all blended well altogether. During gameplay, the sound effects are also a treat, with the impactful sound of the ball bouncing around the field and the shoes of players, to the ambient sound of rain and the fans cheering on the competitors.

Taking a break before the second half, let’s talk about Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s general concept, story and originality. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 isn’t exactly an innovative or entirely new concept out there, but it does sport a lot of charm and manages to stray away from the usual simulation route soccer games take. The use of fictionalized teams based on actual teams is a simple yet humorously clever idea, and it’s nice trying to guess which character is based on in real life.

Rushing down and then hitting a huge goal, let’s talk about Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s fun factor and general gameplay. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 manages to be a really enjoyable game both for soccer fans and casual fans alike thanks to its core gameplay mechanics. The controls all feel very easy to learn, and the movement and ball physics are really responsive and feels like there’s a lot of weight behind them. I usually have a frustrating time when playing soccer games due to the difficulty in trying to score a goal within these games. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 manages to avoid the same frustrations thanks to the fast paced arcade-like gameplay it takes account to instead, which results in an overall enjoyable experience.


Celebrating a well-earned victory and grabbing the trophy, let’s finally talk about Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s lasting appeal with the game’s replay value and addictiveness. The gameplay alone Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is addicting enough as is. However, the game manages to give more incentive to keep on playing thanks to the numerous championship cups players can participate in tournament modes, and also the fact it has a massive roster to experiment with, and some additional goodies like the filters to unlock and play around with.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 Ratings

Artwork: Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s richly detailed and vibrant art style and really smooth animations really takes the cake on providing great visual fidelity on the pixelated art style spectrum. The great use of modern shading effects and the pixel aesthetics merge well as well, resulting in a game that evokes both nostalgia and sense of modern high visual fidelity. For these reasons, I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s artwork a solid 10/10 rating.

Music and Sound Effects: Pixel Cup Soccer 16 sports a very catchy and energetic soundtrack that spans across a variety of genres while sounding really retro and arcade-like appropriately enough. The sound effects and ambient background noise as well just from the sound of the ball getting kicked around the field and the roaring cheers of the audience in the stadium creates for a wonderful audio experience. For these reasons, I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s music and sound effects a solid 10/10 rating.

Story and Originality: Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s concept isn’t exactly the most novel or unique idea out there, but it does offer a lot of charm and gives notice to a different direction compared to most soccer games that focus on realism and simulation. For these reasons, I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s story and originality a 9/10 rating.

General Gameplay: Pixel Cup Soccer 16 sports a very responsive set of controls and overall enjoyable gameplay mechanics. Stripping off some of the more complex rules and such from soccer and simplifying it here in Pixel Cup Soccer 16 makes this a very enjoyable experience for both casual fans and hardcore soccer fans. For these reasons, I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s general gameplay a solid 10/10 rating.

Addictiveness: Pixel Cup Soccer 16 not only sports a fun and addicting gameplay mechanic, but also something that will give the player incentive to keep coming back to thanks to the numerous tournaments and unlockable stuff that can be acquired all throughout the game. For these reasons, I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16’s addictiveness a solid 10/10 rating.

A great looking and enjoyable arcade-like soccer experience, it’s a must play for both casual fans of the sport or die hard soccer fans. For these reasons I give Pixel Cup Soccer 16 an overall 10/10 rating.

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