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Pixduel Hack & Cheats for Coins & Money Bags – Newest Hack Updated

Pixduel is a trivia game developed by FEO Media AB, a company known for most of the trivia games on the market called Quizduel (available in dozens of languages and versions) and Goaty. The game is available on both Android and Apple and it has been downloaded for more than half a million times in 2016. It has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Google Play and a number of 2 and a half stars from a maximum of 5 on Apple’s App Store. In order to run at optimal parameters, Pixduel requires an Android version of at least 2.3 or for Apple devices, iOS 6.0 or later.

Being a trivia game, your role in Pixduel is pretty obvious. You will ‘fight’ with your friends and random opponents in a combat consisting of general knowledge. The game is turned based so you will be able to play multiple instances at the same time.

The game requires a mandatory sign-up but all you have to do is to create a basic account (entering your e-mail is optional). However, in order to ensure no data loss (maybe you change your device or reset it to the factory settings), you should link your Facebook account with the app or at least provide an e-mail so you can recover your account. Also, linking your Facebook account with the game will grant you the possibility to challenge your friends to a trivia.

In Pixduel, you have only one currency (Coins) which is used to buy different power-ups. You can use those during a game and they can help you get the right answer. The price for Coins varies depending on the amount you wish to buy: the least you can get is 10 Coins with $0.99 while the most you can get in one buy is 510 Coins in exchange of $39.99. You can also get a premium account for $3.99.

Pixduel Hack for Coins & Money Bags 2016

Coins and money bags are an important part of Pixduel. To win, you’ll need a lot of coins and money bags. Download our free Pixduel hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get coins and money bags.

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Cheats & Tips for Pixduel

  • Don’t be afraid to start several sessions. The game is turn-based so you will have enough time to play simultaneously. While you wait for an opponent to answer, you can challenge another one and so on.


  • In order to be able to answer questions about domains you don’t have knowledge of, you must play the game constantly. The questions will eventually repeat themselves.
  • Don’t rush your answers. You have enough time to think. Also, watch the picture for hidden hints (such as logos, a partial name and so on).
  • If you really don’t know the answer, you can guess it by elimination. If you are certain that three of the answers are wrong, the one that you don’t know anything about will be the right one.
  • Try to guess your opponent’s gender from the nickname. Use this in your advantage: avoid categories such as Sports against men and avoid fashion against women.


  • If you have a comfortable advantage, you may choose an uncommon category to you. This way you may learn one or two new questions and answers.
  • Some of the questions can be googled. But only if you and your internet connection are fast. This is a form of cheating so use it only with your ‘friends’.
  • The ‘Mixed’ category is really random. It acts like a wildcard. It can win your match or lose it. Pick it with caution.  
  • If you don’t live in the United States, you should avoid categories such as Logos or Sports. They will mostly be about popular sports in USA (baseball, football, and hockey) and local brands.

Pixduel Review

One of the guilty pleasures of people who constantly use their mobile devices is playing challenging games. And for this, trivia or quiz games are the perfect choice. There are dozens of games like this and Pixduel is one of them. Fortunately, it comes with some interesting in a good way surprises.


Probably the best feature I encountered in Pixduel is the actual ‘duel’ between yourself and an opponent, random or not. Trivia games are usually one-way (you ‘fight’ against an AI) or they need both players active at the same time. However, in Pixduel you can start multiple games and you can answer to your questions when you have time.

In addition to this, I like the idea of balancing – each round one of the players will choose a category and the same 3 questions will be asked to both of the players (from the chosen category). This way you can’t blame the internet connection or the fact that your opponent was at advantage because he knew the category before. One other thing I like about Pixduel is the layout which is neat and looks fresh.

Personally, I was getting tired of overloaded designs full of annoying bright colors and animations. I also like the fact that there is a leaderboard where you can see the best players in a region but I also believe that adding challenges or achievements could make Pixduel even more entertaining. However, the game is on a good path from this point of view.

Like usual, here comes the part where I say what I don’t like or what I would change about Pixduel if given the opportunity. First of all, I must say that I am disappointed about the limits the users have if they decide they don’t want to buy a premium account. I understand that there has to be a difference between players who pay real money and those who don’t but in Pixdules this difference is way too big.

Each player should be able to customize their profile, change their avatar and do all those elements which reflect personality. If a person identifies with their ‘character’, they will tend to play the game more. Secondly, I think that more categories should be added in the game. Currently, there are less than 10 categories and players will get bored easily. It can’t be hard to add some new ones even though it will be hard for the player to select his favorite one (eventually he would get used with the randomness).

Finally, as an addition to the previous matter, I think that the question pool should be extended. If you play around 100 games you will most likely learn at least half of the questions and the answers. The game can get unfair pretty fast so new questions should be added constantly.


Overall, Pixduel is an app I would probably recommend. It is not the best 2016 quiz-like game on the market, that’s certain, but it can be fun especially if you play with your friends. Go for it, it’s free and you might even enjoy it. You have nothing to lose but time.


Artwork: Pixduel gets a rating of 7 out of 10 for its artwork. A powerful graphic engine isn’t required in a trivia game so there is no surprise that there isn’t one present here. Also, you can’t talk about character design or the way the environment interacts with the player. However, the good thing is that the User Interface looks neat and modern and it is very responsive to the players.

There are some animations effects but there isn’t anything out of the ordinary about them. Unfortunately, even though I can’t complain about the artwork too much, it would be unfair to other games to give Pixduel a higher rating.

Music & SFX: I give the game a rating of 6 out of 10 for its music and sound effects. It is a bit worthless to talk about a game’s music when there isn’t any. The developers of Pixduel thought that you don’t need music in a trivia title and I believe that they were wrong. Fortunately, there are some sound effects you can work with. You have different sounds here and there but they don’t really make an impact and that’s probably because there is no background music at all.I expected more.

Story/Originality: Pixduel gets a rating of 7 out of 10 at this section. As you have probably guessed there is no story whatsoever in the game because trivia aren’t about stories or previous character backgrounds. In terms of originality, I must be honest and say that Pixduel is not the first and definitely will not be the last trivia title on the market. This type of games is catchy to both casual and hardcore players. The good thing is that there are enough new elements in Pixduel to consider it authentic. However, there is still room for improvement.

General Gameplay: I give Pixduel a rating of 8 out of 10 for its gameplay. This type of games is pretty straight forward and you don’t need any sort of expertize prior playing it. Probably that’s why it is an entertaining title for all ages. The controls are simple, the interface is user friendly and there aren’t any hidden mechanisms in the game so there is no need of a tutorial. For the time I’ve played I haven’t encountered any major bugs or crashes. However, the game usually freezes because the amount of ads, an issue which can get annoying at some point.

Addictiveness: Pixduel gets a rating of 7 out of 10 for its addictiveness. As I mentioned several times already, the fact that the game can be played both by casual and hardcore players is pretty important because the categories can always be expanded and the players will always return to play the game for some more. If you don’t pay for the ‘premium account’, you will not be able to customize your character in any way so from this point of view the progression and customization is pretty limited. The game is multiplayer as well and that’s a plus.

Overall, Pixduel gets a rating of 7 out of 10. There are definitely some good parts and some bad parts about the game. However, the potential of a trivia game is big and with the right changes and improvements there will be no surprise if the game becomes a hit.

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