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Neopets Hack & Cheats for Neopoints & NeoCash

Hello everyone! Are you more of a computer gamer over a handheld mobile gamer? If so, then you would like this popular web browser game called Neopets. Neopets is a virtual pet website suitable for young children from as young as eight years old, with permission of their parents, and anyone older as well. Neopets was first established in year 1999, created by Adam Powell and Donna Williams.

Soon after the early success of their newly launched virtual pet website, the website was soon brought off by several different companies, Viacom in 2005 and Knowledge for Adventure on March 17, 2014. The genre of Neopets is fantasy and digital pet, and it is mostly a single player game that does include some multiplayer interaction in 2016.

Neopets is a virtual pet website that allows people to adopt and take care of different species of pets on the site for 2016. You will be doing the same things you do to your own real pet, such as feeding them, playing with them, buying food and toys for them, and even taking them out on walks, all on Neopets. This game takes place in the virtual world called Neopia and there are no goals or set storylines for players to go through.

Even though Neopets doesn’t have a storyline, users are required to take good care of their virtual online pet, and if they don’t, the pet will get ill and when this happens, Neopets will limit the amount of things you can do on the website until your neopet is feeling better. In this game, you can adopt a wide variety of different neopets in the game, there are also rare neopets that will be harder to get than the normal ones you can obtain in the game.

Neopets Hack for Neopoints & Neocash 2016

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About Neopets

Upon your registration on Neopets, you will get the chance to name your Neopets, choose which species your neopet will be, and as well as the different colors, their personality and nature, and even what their home environment will be like. Neopets can also be further customized with store brought items that you can buy using their online currency, neopoints, and their premium currency, neocash.

When you first register as a new user on Neopets, you will be given 2500 neopoints for free, and 150 free neocash. Neocash is the premium currency that you can purchase with real life money in order to buy premium items on the website. Currently, 100 neocash equals to $1 USD, you can purchase the neocash either in physical stores or online with credit card or paypal, in intervals of 500 NC (neocash).


On the Neopet website, you are able to choose from two different shops to buy items from. There is the regular neopets store that uses neopoints as their currency, and the NC mall which only accepts the premium currency, neocash as their method of payment. In the NC Mall, the top six popular items are the: words of antiquity collector’s jacket for 250 NC (which is $2.50 USD), the baby birthday dress for 150 NC (equivalent to $1.50 USD), the Faerie quest fortune cookie for 100 NC (equivalent to $1 USD), the lab ray fortune cookie for 125 NC (equivalent to $1.25 USD), the Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion for 125 NC (equivalent to $1.25 USD), and the Games Fortune Cookie for 175 NC (equivalent to $1.75 USD).

In the bottom of the Neocash mall, it states clearly that all sales are fine and there can be no refunds for any items brought in the NC mall. The NC items in the NC Mall cannot be exchanged for neocash, neopoints, or neopoints items.

The unique part of the Neopet’s regular store is that you can buy a wide variety of items there. You can buy food for your neopets, ranging from fast food delivery, to chocolate and desserts, and as well as savory and sweet food too. Besides food for our neopets, you can also get other items for your neopets, such as clothing items, accessories, and even toys for them. In almost all of the marketplaces, malls, and stores that accepts neopoints as their method of payment, you can haggle the price to be lower.

Haggling means you challenge the price for a lower price, and if you do it right you will get the item or food that you want for a better price! For example, if you wanted to buy a slice of pizza for 400 neopoints, and you only have 300 neopoints left, you can haggle with the store owner to bring down to as low as 200 neopoints! The store owner will give back a lower price than it was listed in the store but higher than the price you offered, if you persist, you can get them to accept the amount you want.

However, please note that all of the items will say how many of them are in stock, the inflation rate of the neopoints, and if you decide to haggle you might lose the item that you wanted. You can access all these items that you brought and won under your inventory.

The ironic thing about Neopets would be that your neopet is your own virtual pet, but your neopet or neopets, can also own a small pet toy of their own as well! You can have more than one neopet in your account, but you would need to make sure to care for them all. The active neopet in your account would always be highlighted green and you can also have them interact with other user’s neopets in battles!

Besides taking care of your neopets, you can also play various games on the neopets website! The top six most popular games are: Kass Basher, Meerca Chase II, Turmac Roll, Pawkeet Slots, Brucey B Slots, and Fashion Fever. There are a wide arrange of mini games available on neopets that will allow you to win neopoints and also put you on the ranking list!

Overall, Neopets is a fun and safe website for children who would like to play computer games and raise a virtual pet. Even though the pets can’t talk to you, you can still interact with them in various ways, and you will also have to take care of them just like you would with a real life pet.

Cheats & Tips for Neopets

In Neopets, upon registration there is a beginner to do list to guide new users of the layout of the website and as well as get them familiar to the website. The to do list consists of feeding your pet, buying new toys for them, receiving your free 150 NC, getting 2500 free NP points, visiting five different neopia lands, and many more. In this website, you can haggle for almost anything and everything. One tip that would be beneficial to users is to always haggle before buying anything for full price. Say a slice of peppermint pizza costs 2000 NP, I would start haggling with 1000 NP, and then the shop owner would counter offer.


I would slowly start rising my price until the shop owner offers a similar price, say I offer 1200 NP and he counter offers 1230, I would then haggle for 1225 and he could either accept or continue haggling. If you are short on neopoints and you have collected a lot of items in your inventory that you don’t use, you can go to the shop tab and create your own shop. Neopets allows online users to create their own shop and sell their unused or unwanted items. This is a great way to get rid of your inventory and also earn neopoints, this system is sort of like the garage sale that some people do in their backyards in real life.

Neopets Review

I find Neopets to be very charming and a fun and addictive game for young children who just started to get to understand the internet. Neopets was one of my very first virtual online games, and they also have a wide arrange of merchandises such as little stuffed neopets that used to be available in McDonald’s happy meal. What I like most about Neopets is that you can virtually have any pet you want, with any color, personality, and even dress them up. This is great for people who cannot own a real life pet but would still like one, and they can resort to having a virtual pet, neopet.


Throughout traveling through the different lands in Neopia, I have realized that there are no fancy javascript in the browser. Usually when there are multiple options of selecting a place or an item, when you move your mouse over, the item will be highlighted and or make a sound. However, Neopets doesn’t have this and I find that this kind of decreased my interest in this game. Furthermore, there are also no background music or even special sound effects for a lot of the game selection or game locations in Neopets. The only time where you would hear some background music and hear some special sound effects is when you are playing mini games.


Besides being a virtual pet game, Neopets also resemble a RPG game in some ways. I can say that because on the home screen, you will see what level your Neopet is, how much health he or she has, their mood, their hunger level, and their age. In Neopets, you can also battle or fight against other user’s Neopets to gain a higher level and evolve. I feel that this element had made Neopets an even more interesting game than just being a virtual pet game.  Neopets is a great game for parents who would want their child to play a safe online browser game while also teaching them about how to handle their money (haggling in shops).


Artwork: The artwork in Neopets will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. The colors used are solid and consistent throughout the whole site. All neopets can be colored in either yellow, green, blue, red, purple and etc, the graphics in the game website used for the special food or even the items that they can acquire also uses the same type of shading and drawing style. Furthermore, everything in Neopets doesn’t look out of place and they are very pleasing and cute to young children.

Music & SFX: The music and special sound effects in Neopets will receive no rating, because as I have mentioned earlier in my review, Neopets only has limited background music and special sound effects in their mini games, but the background music and special sound effects aren’t present anywhere else throughout the website.

Story & Originality: Neopets doesn’t have a storyline, therefore this category will also receive no rating. However, for the originality factor, Neopets will receive the full rating of a 10/10 because I believe Neopets was one of the earliest websites first established that featured unique virtual pets for people to take care of. There virtual pets are also uniquely designed, and although some of them do resemble some real life animals such as an owl, for the most part, most of the neopets in the game are unique only to Neopets.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay for Neopets will receive the rating of a 10/10. I did not find any lags or any add on or extension plug crashes in my browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I also found that everything ran smoothly and I had no problem navigating my way through this virtual pet website.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor of the virtual pet website, Neopets, will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. I give Neopets the full score because of how much content this website contains. You can battle with other user’s neopets, feed your pet, buy items for them, and as well as create your own shop and also haggle for the items you want. I feel that that enough is already sufficient enough for players of ages eight and higher. Furthermore, Neopets also has over 50 plus mini games available for people to play, you can also earn Neopoints through the games as well. Whenever you win a mini game, you will also be displayed on the front page of Neopets under the recent winner’s category and this is a huge accomplishment for anyone who is in love with this website.

The overall rating for Neopets is a 10/10 because of the wide variety of content and games available on just one website.

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