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Mystic Messenger Review & Cheats for Hourglasses

Mystic Messenger is the first and only entry from Cheritz Co LTD. for 2016. They’ve taken quite an interesting turn towards a direction that no other developing team has ever exploited in the past as you’ll be able to notice. This isn’t what we could call a popular niche but there’s still a sector of people that would gladly play this. The game itself features a very interesting plot where you’ll end up meeting boys through a fiction messenger app which only and sole purpose is just that. As you progress through the game you’ll notice that there are some other features within the game that are also for this particular purpose.

For instance, there’s a calling function that you’re able to use once you’ve already earned the confidence from the guys and which you’ll end up using to get closer to them during 2016. The game features enough content to keep most players entertained for quite a while, I mean, you just need to like this particular niche and if you’re really into it you’ll notice that you’re going to have a really good time with the immersive experience that this game can actually provide.

On the Google Play Store this game has around 4.4 stars with over 37,000 total reviews so far in 2016. As we’ve already stated, the game is seeing similar success on the iTunes App Store as it has around 4.5 stars with over 1,500 total reviews.

About Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger features a whole lot of features to keep most users that are really into the thematic, entertained. The game does a very good job at it and you’ll go through it with ease. You’ll be able to tell if you like the game or not from the first few seconds as the game itself is pretty self-explanatory which also means that it doesn’t really include a tutorial or anything for that matter. As you progress through the game you’ll notice that there are a few different ways to approach people within the game and that’s the main focus of the game itself.


This game goes around the fact that you’ll have to approach guys through a messenger app or by just calling them. However, I’d recommend you to call them after you’ve got their number from them through the messenger app or sometimes it might not work and you might end up just being plain ridiculous. The developers of this game had in mind a niche that hadn’t been properly exploited in the past and they decided to take a step towards which created an entire new niche with its faithful user base.

Mystic Messenger is currently available for both platforms iOS and android and it’s been equally popular on both platforms as well. Both communities have been astonished given the originality of the design behind the game itself and how good the visual novel actually is. Despite the fact that there are a few negative comments coming from people who didn’t really understand the basic premise of the game before trying to dive in, the game does a very good job just providing you with enough information to avoid any conflicts and these players complaining about how the game was actually developed just proves that they didn’t read the game’s page.

The game is very well optimized and will easily run on most devices without a problem and the fact that there haven’t been any complaints regarding the stability of the game just makes it even better. This game has been optimized to run on older devices and you won’t really have any issues with it on any device you throw it into given the fact that the game itself doesn’t really require the latest hardware as the graphics aren’t amazing and it’s mostly text. This game is compatible with any of the iOS devices and it’ll only need to be running iOS version 8.0. On the android’s case you’ll only need any android device that’s running at least android version 2.3.

Like we’ve already said, the developers behind this game’s production and design really took quite an interesting approach towards a niche that had been ignored for quite a while. This game is fairly good for anyone who’s into this kind of play style and if you’re into visual anime novels this might be a very good game for you. The game itself features enough content to keep you busy for quite a while and there’s a slight chance that you might get hooked on the storyline and actually be going through it with ease.

Mystic Messenger in Game Store


There are a lot of waits featured within the game as you’ll have to wait before every meeting or action that you want to perform and there’s an action queue system where each of the actions you want to performed will be queued and then executed one at a time. These waits might cripple your gameplay experience and that’s where the hourglasses come in. These hourglasses will allow you to skip more of the waiting featured within the game and they’ll also allow you to clear your queue way faster. The game itself features a very good storyline which is also very long and if you do want to finish it before getting bored of the game I’d recommend you to use these hourglasses as those waits might slow down your progression rate by a very important measure.

Hacks, Cheats & Tips for Mystic Messenger


There aren’t a lot of games that are actually gender-oriented and while that might end up being used against them the developers behind Mystic Messenger still advertise the game this way. As you go through the game you’ll notice a few things that might have caught your attention but in reality this game doesn’t really have any tips or cheats to it. There are a few things that might allow you to clear the game faster but nothing more than that. The fact that there’s a lot of content that should be exploitable doesn’t seem to apply to this game.


Mystic Messenger features a hidden feature that’ll change things up and make a gender switch on all of the protagonists featured on the main storyline. This also takes you towards a different ending and might be good to do if you’re up for the task. It affects your gameplay directly as every single choice will take in a slightly different path that becomes more noticeable as you go through it. The developers also put a lot of work to the queue system and while it might feel a tad awkward to go through the game while having to wait a while, it’s worth it if you’re really into the visual novels.

However, if you don’t want to wait you can simply go to the in game store and buy some hourglasses which will allow you to skip those waiting times and it’ll also allow you to see hidden routes that’ll allow you to skip a few corners and go straight forward without having to go through a lot of different chat boxes.

The game is all about the communication you have with the characters featured within itself and that’s the key to actually go through it without having any issues. Your progression rate is strictly tied to the quality of your interactions with the characters as they can be more helpful when they’re in a better mood so always try to keep good relationships with them as they might help you a lot to go through the game in a much faster manner. The game can be very frustrating at certain times but there’s always help in between apps or messages so always pay close attention to what they say as some of the messages can be coded for you to only understand if you’re really focused.


Despite the fact that this game is a visual novel it actually benefits greatly from a very focused player that knows what its doing at all times. As you go through the game you’ll notice that there are a lot of hidden messages that might be really helpful but you’ll also notice that some of them aren’t very easy to understand at first. However, the NPCs use patterns when they’re coding their messages and once you’ve already understood said patters you won’t really have any issues understanding what they’re saying to perfection and it’ll make progressing something much easier.

Mystic Messenger Review

Mystic Messenger is an interesting proposal from a very new company that decided to make their first game oriented to a very exclusive niche that’s found within the community’s. This game has made it this far because of the quality featured within each of the particular aspects that this game might have at its core. While visual novel games aren’t so popular within the mobile gaming industry, this one seems to have found a way to actually be successful on the community without being held back by anything and that’s something that’s really worthy of being mentioned. As you go through the game you’ll notice how much effort the developers must have put into this game and the fact that everything just feels so polished makes things much better.


This game features a very interesting and immersive storyline that’ll keep you busy for quite a while and it also features enough content to keep most users happy with a lot of long term playability which isn’t found so easily these days. Despite the fact that most developers seem to focus on the length and visual aspects of gaming, the developers behind this particular game focused on the quality of the storyline and each of the characters featured within the game itself which makes it very good at providing the most immersive experience ever seen on a visual novel within the mobile industry.

The game also features a very good and stable gameplay that won’t give you any issues when trying to get used to it as it feels very intuitive and easy to understand. While that’s already stated, it doesn’t really mean that you won’t ever encounter any issues with the way the game’s carried out and the amount of content featured within the game might not be helpful at it either. You might encounter a few issues understanding a few of the aspects featured on the late phase of the game which are very explicit by themselves but can still be fairly confusing given the amount of information that’s being thrown at you at all times within this game but don’t worry about it as there are a lot of chat boxes that you might just reopen in case you missed them and read them as many times as you need to understand what’s really going on and what is it that you have to do in order to keep progressing.

The music and sound effects featured within the game are also worthy of being mentioned as the game features a very good soundtrack and the sound effects fit each of the visual aspects of the game to perfection. These two aspects are very important when it comes to providing a very good and immersive experience and apparently the developers think so too as they decided to pay a lot of close attention to this particular department.


Overall, this game can be fairly addictive for those who’ve already passed the beginning of the game as you’ll be able to tell if you like it or not after a few seconds within the game as the gameplay can be a tad exclusive.

Mystic Messenger Ratings

Artwork: This game features brilliant artwork as you’ll be able to notice right off the bat. From the loading screens to the gameplay. It is packed with a lot of very high quality graphical content that’ll keep you interested for quite a while. Given the graphical novel nature of Mystic Messenger I’d say this is one of the most important aspects featured within the game and the attention the developers paid to it seem to prove me right. I give Mystic Messenger a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effects: This game features a very good soundtrack and the sound effects featured within the game just fits the whole visual effects to perfection and that sort of symbiosis is very important in a game like this one. These two aspects are key in order to provide the intended immersive experience and apparently the developers also knew it as they paid close attention to this particular aspect of the game. I give Mystic Messenger a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: The game features an amazingly good storyline and that’s the main feature that’ll keep you hooked up for quite a while as it can be very good at providing an immersive experience given the fact that everything is relatively important and the decisions you make guide you in a different direction each step of the way. The game is also very well praised on both platforms because of the amount of original content featured within its core. I give Mystic Messenger an 8/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: Mystic Messenger has a very simple gameplay that won’t give you many issues on the long run as it’s very explicit and intuitive. However, this doesn’t really means that you won’t experience any confusions at any point and that’s something that wasn’t properly covered within the game as it doesn’t really have any tutorials implemented. What it does have is a set of chat boxes that are permanently placed in a particular location of the map which you’ll be able to reopen as many times you need to obtain a proper understanding on a particular aspect of the game. I give Mystic Messenger an 8/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: Mystic Messenger can be fairly addictive because of its particular gameplay style or simply because of the amount of content. But the most likely reason that’ll make you stay for a while is the fact that the main storyline is so good. I give Mystic Messenger an 8/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Mystic Messenger an 8/10 rating.

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