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Moshi Monsters Hack & Cheats for Free Membership Unlock

Hello everyone! Do you all want pets but can’t because of various different reasons? Well now you can get a cute virtual pet with their very own personality, featuring, the popular online virtual browser pet game, Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd! Mind Candy Ltd is a company located in England and their game, Moshi Monsters, is one of the cutest virtual pet browser game among the many available for 2016!

Upon going to Moshi Monsters official website, you can adopt your very own moshi monster virtual pet in 2016! You have the option of choosing between six different Moshi Monsters and they include: Katsuma, Poppet, Diavlo, Zommer, Luvli, and Furi! All of these cute and friendly virtual pets are based off of one or two real life animals. Moshi Monsters uses javascript and html for the website to function.

Besides taking care of your own virtual pet, your virtual pet can also own their very own pet. They can get their own pet when they go to the garden inside their home! When they go to the garden, they will be prompted to plant some garden seeds, watch them grow using magic, and finally unlock and select whether or not they would like to adopt and or collect the mini pets.

Besides the Garden, your virtual pet in Moshi Monsters can also go to the Food Factory. The food factory is a place where many different types of food can be made. These food include cupcakes and pizza, where there are different types of interactive mini games available in Moshi Monsters. For example, when you are making pizza for your own virtual pet and your virtual pet’s pet, you will be asked to pick up all the ingredients, mix them together, pour them together, and then add your very own flavorings. This is a very fun and colorful process that everyone can enjoy.

Moshi Monsters Hack for Membership Unlock 2016

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About Moshi Monsters

The online currency in Moshi Monsters is called rox, where it is similar in the shape of diamonds. You also have health bars and happiness bars to display how healthy and happy your virtual pet is. Besides this, in Moshi Monsters you also have the level ranking shown throughout the game, your Moshi Monsters will start at level one and continue until they cannot anymore. Moshi Monsters also have the abilities to become “Super Moshi Monsters,” where they will be asked to accept a special quest from a magician and complete this quest outside of a volcano.

Besides completing quests and interacting with the fun mini games, you will also make new friends in Moshi Monsters. Making friends in Moshi Monsters is very important as you are given a rating from A to Z, the alphabet Z being the lowest. These alphabet rankings will tell you your popularity ranking, and if you want to move up in the rankings you would add more friends and send them gifts. By sending random friends gifts in Moshi Monsters, you will also in exchange receive random gifts.


Upon creating your account on Moshi Monsters, you will also get to choose a random username. This username is randomly chosen for you and you can also change it if you’d like. Your Moshi Monsters username will also be the website link that you can send to your friends to see your Moshi Monsters room. Your room will also be rated by your visitors on a scale of one star to five stars, and they will also display a visitor’s counter so you can keep track of them.

Besides the health bar, monster friend ranking, monster level, amount of rox, you will also have a mood bar telling you how your Moshi Monsters is feeling. This is really helpful when you would like to know what activities to engage with your Moshi Monsters and or whether or not to feed him or her or not. In Moshi Monsters, you also get puzzles and you can also watch television, which is short cartoon animations of Moshi Monsters. You also have the option of going to the zoo, but that can be unlocked later in the game.

Since making new friends in Moshi Monsters is very important, there is a tab on the top right hand corner saying “Best Friends News,” this is where you can find out the latest news about your online Moshi Monsters friends, what they were doing, what their pets were doing, and many more exciting things. You can also select the “What’s New,” tab to see what new additions that Moshi Monsters had made or what new changes they had updated to make this game, Moshi Monsters, an even better game!

When you register and pick up the Moshi Monsters that you would like to raise, you can change the color of them as you desire. You can change two colors, the first color would be the base color of your Moshi Monsters, basically the skin. While the second option would be their clothing attire and accessories color. In Moshi Monsters, you can travel to a variety of places on the map. The map includes places like Jollywood, movie theaters, Carnivals, the port, and even a place called puzzle palace.

Moshi Monsters is on an island filled with other Moshi Monsters players! If you enjoy playing Moshi Monsters, you can also upgrade to being a full Moshi Monsters membership! By upgrading to becoming a member, you can get lots more benefits! You have the choice of subscribing to three different subscription packages where you can cancel at any time. The first package is for 1 month, recurring payment, and you can cancel anytime, for only $5.95 each month.

The second package is for six months, recurring payments, you can cancel at any time, and for $39.95. And the last and best value package is for 12 months, where it is a onetime payment, you cannot cancel this payment, and it will only cost you $49.95 for one whole year. Moshi Monsters accepts almost all of the major credit cards, and if you don’t have a credit card, you can buy their Moshi Monsters membership card at selected retailers, such as Justice, in physical stores instead!

By becoming a member on Moshi Monsters, you can enjoy a large variety of benefits. These benefits includes being able to become a super moshi (sort of like being a super hero), the ability to live where ever you want and in any building like a skyscraper, or even a hilltop mountain house and or a castle, display your artistic skills in the Googenheim museum, unlock special games that couldn’t be accessed before in the Games Starcade, party in the Underground Disco where it is only exclusive to members only, visit the Moshling Zoo where there are over 40 moshlings roaming the zoo, the ability to change your Moshi Monsters color at any time using the colorama, traveling at sea via the port, and access to more rox, where you can shake it and money will fall down! All of these exciting offers are only available for you if you subscribe to a membership package for either 1 month, 6 month, or 12 months!


If you enjoyed playing the browser version of Moshi Monsters, then you would be happy to hear that there are several mobile game versions based off of Moshi Monsters designed by Mind Candy Ltd. The current games include: Moshi Village, Moshi Karts, Moshling Rescue, and coming soon, Food Factory! If you are more of a mobile game player, then you can try any of these Moshi Monsters games if you feel that those are more comfortable for you!

Cheats & Tips for Moshi Monsters

If your child or you decide to purchase a membership subscription in Moshi Monsters, I would recommend purchasing the 12 month subscription because it is the most bargained price compared to the other two monthly subscription of one month or the six month.


While the six month subscription membership costs $39.95, the 12 month subscription membership costs $49.95, and if you calculate the cost of buying a one month membership subscription that cost $5.95, the cost would be ($5.95 x 12 months), that would equal to $71.40. Now, when you purchase the 12 month subscription membership as a whole, it would only cost $49.95, which is $21.45 less!


Moshi Monsters Review

Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. might be one of my favorite virtual pet games besides Neopets. All of the colors used in Moshi Monsters are fresh, vibrant, and rich. The background music and the special sound effects are all unique and specific only to this game, I haven’t found another game that has the same background music as Moshi Monster does. Besides the artwork and the background music, I also found all of the six offered moshi monsters to be very cute, I wanted to collect them all!

I found it a bit odd that I couldn’t adopt more moshi pets, but I could adopt more pets for my moshi pet. One of the things that I enjoyed about Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. is the food factory and the different quests that they show you on your screen! I like how simple it is to level your moshi monster up. You can level up by baking or cooking in the food factory by satisfying your moshi pet’s pet and also communicating with other moshi monsters users! I also like the game interface, it is very simple and clean.

The artwork is actually one of my most favorite aspects of this game, and I especially like how when you need actual dialogue spoken, the characters would speak in English instead of the language that the other moshi monsters speak throughout the whole game. Besides the cute and colorful graphics, I also like the special animations in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd.! I felt that with the animations, it made this game even more alive and I like how you can actually click on where you want to go or where your character walks because this made the game more interactive, and therefore more addictive as a whole.


I think that Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. is a perfect game to introduce to your younger sibling or your child if they would like to play a fun virtual pet game. This game is filled with lots of fun activities, mini games, and simple but detailed challenges that will keep everyone wondering what is next. They include fun elements such as RPG, or even board games in their game as well! Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. has a bit of everything, and for someone who would like to switch things up every once in a while, this game would be perfect for them! If you would like to play more of moshi monsters, you can play four games on your mobile device as well!


Artwork: The artwork for Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. will have the overall rating of a 10/10. I gave this category a full rating of a 10/10 because you can see how vibrant and cute everything is designed. I also like the designs of all of the six available Moshi Monsters in the game, you can custom design what colors you want for your very own virtual moshi monster pet. What’s more is how all of the colors fits together and they look beautiful all together.

In Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., the game uses bright and vibrant colors such as blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and many more. I like the different designs throughout this game, such as in the Food Factory. The food factory is the one place that everyone should visit, you get to create your own pizza and cupcakes in the game. The colors and artwork that was shown in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. are all somewhat realistic and resemble to real life ingredients and items, such as sugar, flour, and presents.

Music & SFX: The music and special sound effects in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. will receive the full rating of a 10/10. This is because both the background music and the special sound effects are very rich and each of the moshi monsters have their own unique sound and characteristics. The background music also changes whenever you change location, and with each character you meet in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., you will hear a “language” similar to one that you will hear in the Sims games by EA. I also like how whenever you move your computer mouse over any items or menu in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., you will hear a special sound effect telling you that you are clicking the right item in the browser.

Story & Originality: For the story element in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., I can’t give a rating because there is no story present throughout this game. However, for the originality section in Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., it will receive a full score of a 10/10. This is because although Moshi Monsters is similar to many other virtual pet’s game like Neopets and Webkinz, the characters are distinctly different and Mosh Monsters actually has a lot more background music, special sound effects, and richer artwork than any of the current virtual pet games available on the internet.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay rating for Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. will receive the full rating of 10/10. This is because even though the website uses a lot of javascript and html coding, the site doesn’t slow down the browser or take long to load. Furthermore, there was no present bug or glitches that was seen on the screen or in the coding.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor for the game, Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd., will receive the rating of an 8/10. I found moshi monsters to be highly addicting because of the vibrant colors in the artwork, the nice and transitional background music, and the unique interactive mini games in Moshi Monsters! I really like the Food Factory section in this game, where you can actually feel like you are cooking the pizza or baking the cupcakes! You need to pour the ingredients, mix them, and then do the rest of the preparation to make the food.

The overall rating for Moshi Monsters by Mind Candy Ltd. will be a 9/10 for the vibrant and rich artwork and background music, and as well as the interactive mini games that make this gameplay unique only to Moshi Monsters.

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