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Monkey Wrench Cheats, Tips, & Hack for All Levels & Word Packs Unlock

Hello everyone! Do you all enjoy doing word puzzle games, such as crosswords and even finding words in a box full of letters? If so, then you would be happy to hear about today’s review! Today’s review is on the word puzzle game called Monkey Wrench by the mobile game company Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. If you stopped doing word puzzles because it was too much work to get them physically, you will enjoy this new and innovative word game where you just have to connect letters together to uncover the whole word or phrase!

Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is available for both major mobile platforms, Android and Apple iOS in 2016. This game was last updated on March 9, 2016 and it has received over 1 thousand ratings to date! Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. currently has been 50 thousand to 100 thousand installs of this game on the Android mobile game platform, the current game version is version 1.3.0.

In order to play this game on the Android device, you will need the Android system 4.0.3 and higher whereas for an Apple iOS device, you will need the iOS system of 7.0 or higher. This game has the content rating of E for everyone and it is a free to play game! Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is only available in the language English and it also offers in app products for you to purchase. Some of the other games Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. had released prior to Monkey Wrench are: 7 Little Words, Red Herring, Moosentration Matching Game, Moxie Classic, and Trivia Hound for 2016.

Monkey Wrench Hack for All Levels & Word Packs Unlock 2016

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About Monkey Wrench

In Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., you will get two to three free word puzzle packs that you can play. Each puzzle pack will have 50 different levels, with no time limit so you can take your time finding the words. In order to get more word packs, you will have to buy them from the in app store. The in app word packs will cost from as low as $0.99 per pack to as high as $6.99 per pack. Some of these word packs are: tropics, bonobos, rainforests, bamboo, mountains, gorillas, orchids, palms, bananas, and unlimited hints.


Each pack will tell you how many puzzles they will contain, for example in the rainforest pack you will get 250 puzzles for the price of $3.99. Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. on the Google Play Store has the overall score of a 4.8 rating out of the highest possible 5 star rating. On the Apple iOS iTunes store, this game also has an overall 4.8 star rating as well!

The color scheme in Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. are green, brown, and yellow, similar to monkey’s natural habitat colors. All of the letters are in a hexagon shape and all you need to do is hold your finger on a letter and connect it to other letters to form a word. In Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., you will also have hints which can allow you to show you how to link all the letters to make up the word and reveal the last letter in the word.

This game is good for people who wants a simple brain exercise every day without the trouble of purchasing a newspaper. Young children can also play Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. to learn new words while at the same time having fun!

Cheats & Tips for Monkey Wrench

If you are a word lover and you really enjoy playing Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., then you should get the in app add on called “unlimited hints” for $1.99! This is a great deal because this game will not let you pass onto the next level until you find all the words.


Sometimes you just don’t know what word they are asking you to find and you can use the hint feature in this game! Another method when you are stuck on a specific word level is to use Google and search for it. The levels are the same for everyone, and there are game plays and even game guides for each of the level!

Monkey Wrench Review

Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is a great game that every one of all ages can play! For a lot of word puzzle solving games, the game might seem like it is targeted toward older audiences, whereas the simplicity and innocence of the monkey theme in this game makes this game available for all audiences!


Although the color scheme doesn’t change throughout the entire gameplay, it really speaks to this game’s originality where it focuses on the main colors of a monkey’s habitat and food! Furthermore, there are a variety of words that you can choose from in one game! You will get a wide arrange of countries, states, food, and even games to make the words out of all of the letters in this game.

One thing I really enjoyed about Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is how there are no time limit in this game. Some games would include a competitive mode where you have a timer and you have to find all these words under that time limit. But I find that feature to be stressful and it takes the fun out of doing word puzzles.


I also found that playing this game is easier than waiting every day for the newspaper because it is easier to get access to. Furthermore, you can erase your mistakes without worrying about ink spilling all over! Although Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is good for both young and more mature audiences, younger players will not feel intimidated by the unknown words.

Monkey Wrench Ratings

Artwork: The artwork category for this game, Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. I give this category a full score because the title of this game is “Monkey” Wrench, and the game color and scheme does remind you of bananas and monkeys! Furthermore, all of the monkey avatars are cute in this game and you can’t get enough of them. They are the only characters seen throughout this whole game but you will not get tired of seeing them! Although the colors are darker than other games, such as a dark green and brown, the colors are very natural and fitting for this game theme.

Music & SFX: The music and special sound effects section for this game, Monkey Wrench, will receive the full score of a 10/10. Both the background music and the SFX were soft in the background and it gave you peace to actually think about what words you can make in this game. If you do find the minimal background music and special sound effects to be disturbing, you can always turn it off in the settings menu in Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

Story & Originality: The storyline category for this game, Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., cannot be rated because there is no plot in this game! This is purely a word puzzle solving game! The originality section for Monkey Wrench will receive the final rating of a 10/10. A lot of the word puzzle games on today’s market are targeted toward older adults, but this game is friendly to both young and more mature audiences. Furthermore, the game graphics is age friendly, where one will not feel as if the game is too young or too old for them!

General Gameplay: The general gameplay section for Monkey Wrench will receive the final score of a 10/10! Throughout playing this game, there was no obvious bugs or glitches, and there was also no lags or performance issues present.

Addictiveness: Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. addictiveness factor will receive the overall rating of an 8/10. I give this category a lower score than all of the above sections because some of the words might not be as obvious as the others (example: spatula) and when someone runs out of hints, they might not want to purchase the unlimited hints add on for this game.

The overall rating for Monkey Wrench by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is a 9/10!

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