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MMA Fighting Clash Review, Cheats, & Tips for Coins & All Characters Unlock

Enter the ring where the biggest MMA legends compete, and get ready to be part of this exciting event! In MMA Fighting Clash you will get to take control of famous martial arts stars such as Ronda Rousey, Connor McGregor or even Bruce Lee in 2016! Keep track of and use moves in the most effective way, take your opponents to the ground and knock them out! Can you beat everyone in both the Quick Fights and Challenges?

MMA Fighting Clash is a new sports game released for Android systems, made by Imperium Multimedia Games in 2016. This developer has been in the scene for a while making various sports games, including Muay Thai – Fighting Origins, Euro 2016 Soccer Flick, Street Soccer Flick and Kickboxing Fighting – RTC, among a few others.

The ratings for MMA Fighting Clash are currently at a relatively positive 4.1/5 stars on the Google Play Store, with download numbers between 100,000 and 500,000 just in the first weeks of its release in 2016. Does this MMA themed fighting game have what it takes to be favored even by the biggest MMA fans around the world? Let’s take a look and decide!

About MMA Fighting Clash

In case you are not too familiar with MMA, then let me start by telling you the basics. Mixed Martial Arts, or in short MMA is a full-contact sport, in which the combatants can strike and grapple the opponent, fight standing or on the ground, as well as utilize various fighting techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. MMA Fighting Clash therefore is a game that takes advantage of these same rules, while transforming the excitement of hand to hand combat to a virtual form.


Instead of having any kind of storyline or indication of why you must fight in the game, it simply allows you to take part in two kinds of fighting game modes and compete for as long as you want. These two modes are called Quick Fight and Challenge, and even though most of the gameplay works in the exact same way, there are a list of small differences. First let’s take a look at Quick Fight!

The very descriptively named Quick Fight mode is all about fighting without any limits until you defeat your opponent. Before heading into the ring you will be able to pick your character from 25 possible choices, while also having the option to pick an opponent. These characters are mostly lookalikes or obvious references to well known martial artists or fighters, even including the legendary Bruce Lee. To make your decision easier, each character will have their stats listed next to them. These stats include Power, Health, Speed, Stamina and Defence, although they can’t be raised and are set for each character.

When you has made your character choice in MMA Fighting Clash, it’s time to fight! You and your hand-picked opponent will enter the ring, and after a short countdown the battle begins. During the fight you will be able to move around in four directions using the joystick on the left side of the screen, while you can execute various attacks by tapping or swiping in different directions on the right side of the screen. This way you can land punches, hooks, kicks and all kinds of moves.

Additional controls include the ability to hold two of your fingers on the screen, causing your character to block incoming attacks, but only while he or she still has enough Stamina left. Stamina decreases as you keep attacking or blocking, but it regenerates if you rest or stay away from your opponent for a short time. You must also know that as you land successful hits on your opponent not only will their Health get reduced, but a small red bar at the bottom right part of the screen will also increase with each punch. When this bar is at full, you will be able to unleash a special move located just above the bar. Simply tap on these moves to activate them right away, but make sure that you are close enough to the opponent!


Of course, your opponent will also fight back, block and even use special moves just like you do. This is why MMA Fighting Clash is both about patience and well timed actions. You can’t just assault constantly, as you will also get a bunch of hits back, possibly getting knocked out before your opponent! When either the opposing combatant or you get knocked out, it means the Quick Fight is over, you receive coins based on your performance and can check the combat stats.

The secondary mode, Challenge works similarly to Quick Fight, but the difference is that this mode contains seven battles one after another, such as in a real tournament. When you begin you get to pick from four weight categories, including Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight and Rumble, which includes all weights. Based on your choice you can pick from any of the available combatants to play as in that category, but you can’t pick opponents this time around. Instead you will be facing randomly chosen opponents, having to defeat all seven to win. For each successfully completed weight category you will unlock a new playable character.

Even though you can unlock four characters just by beating the Challenges, there are still quite a few locked. This is where the coins of MMA Fighting Clash come into the picture, as you can spend these to unlock the remaining fighters. Unlocked fighters usually have different stats than the freely available ones, but they might not always be more powerful.


Since Challenges and coins are the only ways to unlock characters, you might wonder if there is an option to pay real money to unlock them faster. I must say at this moment there are no in-app purchases in the game whatsoever, which some players might find unfortunate. On the bright side, the developers promise to release a full version of the game in September 2016, which will supposedly have many extra features.

Cheats & Tips for MMA Fighting Clash

MMA Fighting Clash is a fighting game where you must have fast reflexes and quick thinking to overcome all opposition, and thus cheats to help with this process are always welcome. Since the game only has singleplayer modes at the moment, these cheats don’t feel all that unfair either. So if you are curious to learn more about them, or just want to read about some tips and tricks, then read on!

To start things off, one of the best cheats for MMA Fighting Clash are the ones found in the game itself. You can actually exploit a few things, including the ability to replay matches against the weakest opponent multiple times in a row. Just pick your strongest character and choose the weakest possible one for your opponent, then go to town! Keep hitting the replay button, and you should make more than 20,000 coins in just a few minutes!


One of the other tricks that can get you a huge advantage in this game is activating the Rage mode. This is something that can be difficult to do, as in order to activate it you have to land a bunch of perfect hits in a row, while not taking any hits from the opponent. If you manage to reach enough hits, the screen start burning with flames on all sides, meaning that Rage mode is active. When this happens, keep hitting your opponent as many times as you can, as your attacks will be twice as powerful during this time!

Lastly, a tip in MMA Fighting Clash to keep in mind is that during certain animations you will get the chance to keep tapping a green button on the right side of the screen. This button will increase your damage, and if you max it out during the animation then the currently playing move will be successful. You should look out for this tapping minigame during times when you hold your opponent on the floor, and also when he or she holds you.

MMA Fighting Clash Review

There are quite a few MMA themed games on the mobile games market already, with new ones released each day. This however doesn’t mean that there is no place for new ones, especially since most of the already known titles are either buggy or just not very fun in general. MMA Fighting Clash is the newest entry to the genre of sports fighting games, but is it good enough to stand out?


As I was trying to find the answer to the question above, I delved as deep into this game as I could. What I found was a mostly positive experience, with certain things that felt incomplete. One of the things that I felt like needed a lot more work was the character selection screen, which was full of well known people, but with slightly changed names. But this is no the issue, and instead what I disliked was that each character had set stats that could not be modified. Because of this there was literally no reason to pick any character other than the one with the highest stats, after it’s unlocked.

But looking past this issue, I finally reached the actual gameplay of MMA Fighting Clash. For the most part the combat mechanics were solid, although not too hard to learn either. There were only a few moves to execute by simple taps and swipes, as well as a block move. The more complex actions such as heavy kicks and most special moves were executed by a simple tap on their respective icons. This is not a bad thing, considering that there is just not enough space for buttons to be able to execute most of these in a mobile game.

That being said, I had a great time with the Quick Fight mode, where I got to pick even my opponent, having a chance to fight balanced battles, or go all out crazy against very powerful or weak opponents. The worriless nature of this mode made it rather relaxing, yet at the same time exciting to play. I felt positive about the Challenge mode as well, but it was more of a serious competition, while also taking longer to finish.

The unlockables system of MMA Fighting Clash felt somewhat lacking at the moment, as although there are four characters that can be unlocked by beating the Challenge mode, most of the remaining ones were totally pointless to even bother with. The reason for this is that they are not that impressive stat wise, and collecting enough coins for each of them would take a rather long time.

Based on what the developers and even the game’s main menu says, this is just a “demo version” of the final product, which supposedly gets released in September 2016. They promise to bring more movesets, character customization, more modes and even an ingame store with various purchases. If these promises actually become a reality, then the game’s variety and replay value will definitely increase.

In conclusion, MMA Fighting Clash is a sports fighting game that still has a long way to go, but has the core gameplay mechanics presented in a promising form. The character stats and unlocks system needs a total revamp though, which will supposedly arrive in less than a month’s time. Until then, if you are an MMA fan, or just want a mostly realistic fighting game to play, then you might still like it.

MMA Fighting Clash Ratings

Artwork: For the artwork of MMA Fighting Clash, I award it a 6/10. This game uses the exact same Unity 3D artstyle that many similar games do these days. For this reason it doesn’t really look all that unique, and the fact that the character models are rather similar to eachother doesn’t help either.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX get a rating of 7/10 from me. I enjoyed the various rock songs that play throughout the game’s menus, while the ingame SFX are also not bad. The punches could have a bit more strength and impact to them, but otherwise I liked the audio experience.

Story & Originality: I give the originality of MMA Fighting Clash a 5/10. Sadly, in its current state this is not a very original game. There are a lot of lacking features to really make it stand out from the crowd, and until the “full version” releases it probably will stay this way.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay gets a 7/10. Despite the fact that the character stats and unlock systems are unfinished and currently probably placeholders, the actual fighting gameplay is interesting and addictive enough that it might be worth to play. The complex, yet easy to execute moves add to the casual mobile fighting game experience.

Addictiveness: Regarding the addictiveness level of the game, I award it a 6/10. I can imagine most MMA fans being entertained by this title for quite a while, and even newcomers could get at least a hour’s worth of fun out of it. When the full version releases, this will probably increase more.

Overall Score: 6/10.

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