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Heavy Truck Simulator Review & Tips for Money & All Trucks Unlock

If you think that trucker life is a bit too lonely or scary, but you are still curious to see what it’s like to be on the road for days on end, then Heavy Truck Simulator is made just for you to play in 2016! In this simulation game your will get to live behind the wheel and complete transport jobs, moving various cargo between locations modeled after real life Brazilian towns. Are you up for the challenge?

Heavy Truck Simulator is a new truck simulation game released for Android systems, created by Dynamic Games for 2016. Dynamic Games is a developer known mostly for various simulation and car racing games, namely Speedway Masters, Just Drive Simulator, Super American Racing and RSE Racing Free, among others.

The current average user ratings for Heavy Truck Simulator are at 4.3/5 stars on the Google Play Store, with close to 1 million downloads already in 2016. It doesn’t have enough ratings to generate an average on the Apple App Store. Since the popularity of games showing off the trucker life are never decreasing, another entry to this genre will probably be favored by the players. But does it have everything it takes to become the most addicting trucking game? Let’s find out right below!

About Heavy Truck Simulator

If you are looking for a simulation game that is still on the arcade side, meaning that takes the simulation aspect lightly, then I must tell you that you won’t find that in Heavy Truck Simulator. This is a game that takes the simulation aspect very seriously, and the whole experience is about trying to imagine yourself driving the truck with all of its ups and downs.


For this reason the very first thing you have to do when you enter the game is to purchase your very first truck. There are a few choices to make, but since all of these starting trucks have the same statistics, you could pick based purely on the design. After spending most of your starting money on the truck, just tap the Drive button to enter the game’s virtual world!

You will start out in a depot in the mostly open world of Heavy Truck Simulator, about to accept your first job. But first to get to the pickup locations indicated in green, you must learn how to drive your truck! For the most part this is rather easy, as you have the accelerate and brake buttons on the right, while you can choose from tilt, on-screen buttons or a virtual wheel on the left side for steering. You will also have to take care of the gear controls, as you can set the gear into Drive, Neutral or Reverse, adding to the realism factor.

While the above are the only controls that you must know to be able to carry out jobs, there are also extras that add to the simulation experience for people that wish to immerse themselves in the gameplay. These include being able to activate the turn signals, turning on the headlights, looking to the left or right of the truck from inside, activating park mode, as well as seting the camera between more than five different choices, including the first and third person views.

Once you managed to enter the green job pickup area, this is when you will get to choose from at least five different available jobs. These jobs will list the type of trailer you have to transport, as well as the location of the dropoff depot and the amount of money you will get once you finish the job. Just accept whichever you wish to carry out, then carefully drive to the trailer and pick it up by placing your truck in front of it, then driving as close as possible in reverse.

From here on, the most fun part of Heavy Truck Simulator begins, as once you hit the road the map at the top right side of the screen will show you the direction in which you should drive. Following the road to your next destination you will move through various small towns, drive on the road near forests or deserted areas. You will also move past pay-gates where you have to pay a small amount of money to progress with your truck, while you will find gas stations at certain locations as well. Since your truck uses up gas as you drive, you will have to refill at places like this for money, or otherwise you can risk breaking down in the middle of the road.

After you reach your destination, it’s up to you whether you want to park in the indicated way in the depot for a money bonus, or if you wish to just simply complete the job without parking the right way. Depending in what condition is your cargo, you will receive either the agreed upon amount of pay, or if it got damaged on the way then reduced pay. You can even go into the negatives and end up having to pay in the end, if you destroyed the cargo by crashing into too many things. Once the job is done, you can either pick up a new one right away and continue the journey, or stay for a while and rest, as your character will get sleepy at times, having to stop and rest behind the wheels.

When you finally managed to amass some money, it’s time to unlock new trucks in Heavy Truck Simulator! To do so just enter the menu and go to the Garage, where 13 different trucks will await you. Some of these are limited by level, meaning that you have to complete enough jobs to level up and only then can you unlock them, but a small number of them are available right away. However trucks in the game don’t have varying stats, so even the cheapest one is as good as the most expensive one, it’s all about the design. So if you like the look of a truck, then you can spend your money on that, or keep it for the ingame expenses, such as gas.


Since this is a simulation game where ingame money and gas matters quite a lot, you might think there would be in-app purchases to get more of these. Actually, there are no options like this available at the moment, so you have to get money in other ways. It does have video ads on the other hand, which always appear after you enter the menu from any other screen.

Cheats & Tips for Heavy Truck Simulator

While Heavy Truck Simulator has no in-app purchases, the ingame money is a highly wanted currency. To get enough of it for free, you might wish to try a few cheats! If you want to hear more about these cheats, or if you are only interested in gameplay tips and tricks, just read on!


One of the first cheat methods that can help you get more money is the ability to play in a Casino! You heard that right, one of the main menu options is called Casino. In this menu you can find a wheel, which has various winnables listed on it. To get three spins on the wheel, you can simply watch a video ad, then spin to your heart’s desires! You might win up to 10,000 money or even get extra spins if you are lucky.

Another easy way to get more money in Heavy Truck Simulator is by completing jobs that are close to your location. Since most jobs pay around the same amount of money, you should always pick up ones that are close to you. At first you might not be able to tell which is the closest job, but after playing for a while you can easily memorize the town names and which is close to which. After having this knowledge, you will double your income!

Lastly, a useful tip that you should keep in mind while playing is to try and not damage your cargo too much. If you find this too difficult, then try to find the traffic settings in the options menu. This is a well hidden, but extremely useful feature. You can actually set this during gameplay as well, decreasing or increasing the amount of traffic you will encounter. If you have trouble with too many cars and trucks coming your way in Heavy Truck Simulator, then just simply lower this as much as you can!

Heavy Truck Simulator Review

It’s hard to decide which truck simulation games to play, as they are almost always very similar visually. This is no different in Heavy Truck Simulator either, and the rather generic name doesn’t help either. Despite these things going against it, the almost 1 million downloads and the mostly positive user reviews convinced me to give it a chance.


During the first few minutes after starting the game, I didn’t have any special feelings towards it, as it seemed to be pretty much what anyone would expect from a truck simulation title. It had a menu with only a few obvious buttons, and some text with broken english. This was a bad sign, but seeing how the gameplay might be good, I still decided to continue. A weird difference between this and other truck games is that here I actually had to spend most of my starting money just to buy a truck, instead of having one available for free.

After getting my truck, which looked and worked exactly like the other two I could have picked, I started my journey in this virtual world apparently modeled after Brazilian towns and locations. I must say I haven’t really noticed anything incredibly unique about the environment, as it all looked rather generic with either highways in the forest or deserted areas, or small towns with buildings that looked very similar to the ones one town over.

Now, the actual gameplay of Heavy Truck Simulator is as basic as it gets. I first had to pick up a job from the starting depot, then deliver it another depot in a different town. There were no actual indicators of where this town was other than the very barebones map at the top right part of the screen. Because of this all I could do is just follow the GPS-like red line on the map, with no other method to find my way around.

Because of this the gameplay felt rather mundane to me, with a lot of downtime where nothing actually happened. Of course, looking at this like a true simulation game, this is very close to what a real life trucker experiences, so the game is on point in this way. Because of these reasons this is definitely a game that is meant for players looking for this type of gameplay full of downtime with not much going on. People that like driving endlessly and taking in the sights will probably get more enjoyment out of it than others.


But even just driving around can be annoying at times, as the game’s physics are not the best, and the controls of Heavy Truck Simulator are not precise. Using the tilt controls I had a lot of trouble actually steering enough in the direction I wanted to, while using the on-screen methods the steering was often too quick, making it hard to stay on the road. I think the controls should seriously be improved, as otherwise this will keep taking a toll on the whole gameplay.

Another issue I had was the fact that the English translation of the game was lacking at times. The part where it’s most noticeable is during the job pickup screen, as this whole screen is still in Brazilian, despite the language being set to English. Because of this remembering the town names and knowing what the cargo is is difficult for anyone that doesn’t speak Brazilian. This is something that makes the game look very amateurish.

Overall, looking past these issues, the fact that Heavy Truck Simulator is mostly open world with only a few loading screens in between, as well as having some extra “realism” features and endlessly repeatable random jobs will definitely make it worthy to play for some diehard trucking fans. But if you are not among them, then you will most probably be tired of it in the first hour.

Heavy Truck Simulator Ratings

Artwork: The artwork of Heavy Truck Simulator gets a 7/10. This is not a bad looking game, but it’s also not amazing either. Despite having three graphics settings, even on high certain textures and map elements are low resolution, while others actually look much better.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of the game deserve a 7/10. The country music that plays throughout the menus is a song that fits really well the the trucker theme, although I found it to be sad that during gameplay this music stops altogether. The SFX are not bad, but they don’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Story & Originality: I give a 5/10 for the originality of Heavy Truck Simulator. Unfortunately, as the title suggests, this is a rather basic truck simulation game. All of the features are also present in most other games in the genre, while only the open world-ish feature could be called somewhat new.

General Gameplay: Regarding the general gameplay, it gets a 5/10. I can’t give this game a higher rating because of the unresponsive controls and weird physics, as well as the repetitive environment. Despite the fact that the game is open world in a sense, most of the locations don’t feel unique enough, while the jobs all play out the same way, which is that you have to follow a red line on the map to the destination. There is nothing more to the game, and only the most serious truck game fans will get enjoyment out of it.

Addictiveness: I give the addictiveness level of Heavy Truck Simulator a 5/10. If you are heavily into these kind of games, then you will get a few hours worth of enjoyment out of this, for sure. Otherwise, there is simply just not enough variety to warrant more than a hour of gameplay at best.

Overall Score: 6/10.

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