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Habbo Cheats, Hack, & Tips for Credits, Diamonds, & Habbo Club Membership Unlock

Hello everyone! Today’s browser game review will be about one of the very first and popular social networking and online community called Habbo. Habbo was formerly called “Habbo Hotel,” and this online community is targeted toward at teenagers. Habbo was created by Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrola and this online social networking website is owned by a Finnish company called “Sulake.”

As of August 2012, it was reported that Habbo had over 273 million active users, all over from 150 countries and have an average of 5 million unique users register on Habbo monthly. Habbo is considered to be successful because they aimed their website at teenagers and statistics say that at least 90% of their users are between the ages of 13 to 18 in 2016.

Habbo is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Finnish and many more languages in 2016. The reason why Habbo was first called Habbo Hotel was because in Habbo they have “hotels,” which are also called communities. Currently, they have nine “hotels,” in Habbo, and Habbo only started in year 2000.

In Habbo, you can create your very own virtual online character, customizing the color of your hair, what shirt and bottoms you are wearing, and as well as what gender and skin tone. After creating your Habbo character, you can also choose which design room you would like, receive and take care of virtual pets, including mythical creatures like dragons, chat and meet with new Habbo players, and as well as play mini games and complete quests to raise in ranks in Habbo!

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About Habbo

Instead of staying in homes in Habbo, you are staying in your very own hotel room. Further into the game, you will be able to add on more rooms, all with a different theme and aesthetic feel. Habbo’s website uses Adobe Flash to display their website, versus javascript and or html coding. When you login into Habbo’s website, it will transport you to your own room that says “Hotel View.”

When you get into your Habbo room, you will be able to decorate your own room with furniture, posters, accessories, and as well as move your items around and even have a selected action list you can do. In Habbo, you can go to any public rooms or user created rooms to meet new users and discover new tasks. Public rooms are rooms that are available to all members for free, and they are usually consisting of restaurants, disco clubs, and movie theaters.

You can also find friendly robots in the public rooms in Habbo where they can give you insider tips, give and receive food and drinks, and as well as telling you important new notices from the developers of Habbo. These public rooms however, cannot be customized, unlike the rooms that were created by other users.


If you decide to create or join the Habbo rooms that were created by other users, you can customize everything in the room. These customizable items include furniture, floor patterns, wallpaper, and as well as choosing which games and types of windows you would like in the room. In these rooms, you can also incorporate the games that you made in Habbo. In Habbo, you can use materials you brought from the furniture shop to create an ice skating rink or even a basketball gym so you can enjoy group activities with your friends!

In Habbo, there are three different currency that you can use to buy different types of items and products in the game. The three types of currency on Habbo is: credits, also called coins, duckets, the free currency, and diamonds. Diamonds and credits can be said to be the premium currency in this game, Habbo. Diamonds are the only currency used to purchase expensive items and they can only be gained when you buy credits, the current rate is 1 diamond for every credit.

Whereas duckets are the free currency where you can receive them for free by doing tasks and quests. Credits, also referred to as coins, and is mainly used to purchase various furniture in the shop section of Habbo.


Even though Habbo has three game currencies, all of them were implemented during different times and for different reasons. Duckets, as we all know, are the free currency in which we can earn them by completing achievements and successfully completing quests.  This currency was first introduced in February 2013, and they can be used to purchase special avatar effects, furniture, and even pets to help increase the popularity of your room. The second newly introduced currency on Habbo was diamonds, which was implemented on July 2014.

You cannot buy diamonds in the game, you can only receive them when you buy the premium currency, credits. For every one credit you buy, you will receive one diamond in exchange. With diamonds, you can buy special and rare furniture that you can’t with duckets, and whenever you want to sell those furniture, you can receive credits when you sell them. Now, credits, is the premium currency in Habbo. You can only get credits if you purchase a membership subscription on the website using a credit card.

When you purchase the premium subscription, you will be able to add more friends onto your address book, receive new clothes and outfits, and even receive a free premium piece of furniture that is only exclusive to club members each month!

On the Habbo shop, you can buy a variety of different memberships and subscriptions. To join the habbo club, you have the option of purchasing the 31 days habbo club for $1.99 per month, the 6 months habbo club for $10.99, and the 1 year habbo club for $19.99. Besides joining the habbo club, you can also join the builders club which includes either the 14 day builder’s club option for $4.99 or the 31 days builders club for $9.99. If you just want to buy credits and diamonds, you have four options in Habbo’s shop. You can purchase the 55 credits and diamonds for $5.99, 110 credits and diamonds for $10.00, the 225 credits and diamonds for $21.99, or the 590 credits and diamonds for $54.99.

Habbo uses interesting graphics, pixel art, as their foundation to draw potential audiences into their website. Their website content is creative and it reminds people of modern day hotels, which was what their website was initially named (Habbo Hotel). Furthermore, with the simple and clean colors and artwork line structure, it attracts to young audiences from ages 13 to 18, to this laid back and easy virtual community browser game.

Cheats & Tips for Habbo

In Habbo, it is very easy to be tempted to purchase the premium currency, the credits and diamonds instead of using the free in game currency, duckets. I would recommend waiting out for the premium and rare content that you want in Habbo because after two to three months, these contents will be released into main shop that accepts duckets as their main form of payment. If you do want to buy the credits and diamonds package, you should aim for the 590 credits and diamonds package because they are a better deal overall.


If you just want to try out a bit of all of the packages, you can try out the 3 months Habbo club + the 3 months builders club and the 110 credits combo package offered in the Habbo store.  This package costs $39.99 and it offers a bit of everything for you. If you don’t know what you would like to purchase in Habbo shop, the last option would be your best bet to be able to try a bit of everything and experience everything for a good price.

Habbo Review

When I first encounter this virtual browser game, Habbo, I was uncertain if this was really my cup of tea. I like the graphics are pixel art and they really bring out the aesthetic feel of the whole game concept. I enjoyed the concept of the rooms being hotel rooms, where you can continue building up your room higher and higher with new floors. My favorite part in Habbo, was how you aren’t limited by anything when you are designing each floor of your rooms. Furthermore, you can also see other Habbo user’s room and gain inspiration for your own rooms!

If you have friends that aren’t registered on Habbo, you can even get a link to your room and show them your fantastic rooms! I also found it unique how in Habbo, they have three different game currencies. I saw how many items are available for purchase by using duckets, and compared the amount of items available for purchase using credits and diamonds. Although a lot of the items are rare if it requires credits and diamonds, I found that they are often released to the duckets after several months if you wait.


Another thing I found unique about this browser game, Habbo, was how many teenagers in Finland or in Europe uses this game to communicate with each other. You can virtually be with your friends even after school ends. The ways you can express yourself in Habbo are endless, as they have a long list of avatar actions that you can make your virtual character do. Although instant messengers are more popular in the United States, I found Habbo to be more fun to use. Parents wouldn’t have to worry also because the chat box are monitored and recorded for your children’s safety!



Artwork: The artwork in Habbo will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. All of the graphics in Habbo are pixel art, meaning they aren’t the typical modern day virtual community browser games that you see today, like IMVU. Instead of using a more detailed and colorful artworks, in Habbo, the pixels are a great way of gathering an older audience who are a bit older than their websites targeted age, but also attracting the teenagers in which they are able to freely express themselves in Habbo.

By being able to design your own avatar and the hotel room that you own, you are able to creatively show others what you envision where you would like to live and design rooms that you wouldn’t be able to design in real life due to place issue or more. The pixel artwork in Habbo made me feel nostalgic and I feel that I can relate better to this game more so than any other virtual community game because this game was more focused on its communities rather than the detailed avatar artwork like many other social games.

Music & SFX: The music and special sound effects category in Habbo game will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. This is because this Finnish browser game had appropriately used the background music to transition between different worlds and communities in Habbo. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or bored listen to the background music in this game, and if I wanted to turn the music off, I could easily do that in the settings menu. I also found that the special sound effects were unique to Habbo only, maybe this is because this game was created in Finnish and no the United States, the sounds and techniques they used were clearly different in a good way.

Story & Originality: The story category for this game, Habbo, will not receive a rating because this is an online virtual social game that does not include any types of story line or plot at all. Therefore, this category cannot be rated. The originality factor for this Finnish game, Habbo, however, will receive the overall rating of a 10/10. I decided to give this game a 10/10 for originality because even though I was familiar with many virtual online games, Habbo did not remind me of any other virtual online games that I have played. In fact, I felt that all of the aspects felt new to me and it definitely sparked a new curiosity in me during my gameplay in Habbo.

General Gameplay: For the general gameplay category of Habbo, I will give this game a full rating of a 10/10. Since this game uses Adobe Flash versus the modern day javascript or HTML coding, I was pleasantly surprised to see how smoothly this game ran in all my browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari). I also did not experience any extension or add on crashes, and no freezing in the browsers. I decided to give this category the full score of a 10/10 for the above reasons, and as well as the amount of content that Habbo has in their game.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness factor of this game, Habbo, will receive the overall rating of a 9/10. I believe that this game was a creative and innovative website, and it did well to aim at the teenagers group. After interacting with this game for several hours, I realize that many teenagers from various continents, such as United States and Europe, uses Habbo as their social media platform to meet up and talk about their day or even discuss class assignments. They use Habbo instead of popular instant messengers such as KIK or AIM and I found Habbo to be more expressive and more pleasing to the eyes versus instant messengers.

For the above reasons, the overall rating for Habbo, the virtual browser game, will receive the rating of a 9.5/10!

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