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GX Racing Guide & Cheats for Money & Diamonds

The library of motorcycle games never has been as extensive as its 4-wheeled vehicle counterparts, but there’s an undeniable coolness of riding around a much more agile 2-wheeled vehicle with a higher flexibility such as performing various spins and tricks while riding. Games like Excitebike, Trials and even sandbox or vehicular combat games are usually the first ones that crops up in the minds of gamers when it comes to fun motorcycle games for 2016. Today we will be looking at a game that will attempt to capture the same fun for mobile platforms with GX Racing.

GX Racing is a motorcycle racing game developed by FunGenerationLab for 2016. In GX Racing, players take on a role of a motocross driver as they compete in various racing events and earn various rewards they can use to get new motorcycles, customization and upgrades as players improve both their own skill and ride against various competing opponents while doing it in style.

During the time GX Racing was being reviewed, GX Racing is currently available for compatible iOS devices with iOS versions 7.0 or above installed. GX Racing is also available for compatible Android devices with Android versions 4.0.3 or above installed. iOS users who want to rev up their motorcycles can grab GX Racing by downloading it directly via the Apple App Store in 2016. Android users who are also looking to play GX Racing can also download it directly via the Google Play Store.

GX Racing has received some pretty positive reception from players which are noticeable on both platforms. GX Racing’s entry on the Apple App Store has an average score rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from over 10 users so far in 2016. Similarly, GX Racing’s entry on the Google Play Store has an average score rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars from over 15,000 users and estimated total of 100,00 to 500,000 user downloads.

About GX Racing

GX Racing begins with a tutorial race showing the basic controls and gameplay. At the start of the race, both racers can rev up before the go signal sets up. The game handles acceleration automatically by default, but an option to opt in for manual acceleration is also available. During races, various obstacles and timed context sensitive actions, as well as a perfect rev up before the race starts determines the speed and acceleration of both participants. One common obstacle that the player will usually face in a race is a jump on a ramp, where a perfectly timed jump will give the racer a significant advantage over the race and can be the deciding factor of someone being in the leading position.

Various quick time events and tricks are encouraged to be performed during races for an extra amount of rewards that can be potentially given after the race is finished. GX Racing also includes a fully customizable set of features, where players are given the ability to customize both their racers and motorcycle parts, both cosmetically and internally, as various improvements can be made to their motorcycles with a selection of upgrades that can boost specific attributes. GX Racing also features a total of 20 rideable motorcycles and over 100 tracks to race from that spans across the world based on real life locations.

GX Racing In Game Store

In GX Racing, the game features 2 different in-game currencies which are ‘money’ and ‘diamonds’. Money is the standard in-game currency which is commonly earned after every race, and a larger amount is rewarded after winning a race or performing various stunts and tricks. Money is also acquired through opening random drops of vaults which are given at different time intervals, and optionally can be handed out through watching a voluntarily video advertisement. Money can be used to spend on various upgrades on each of the available motorcycles in the game, as well as customization options and brand new motorcycles.

Diamonds are a rare form of currency which are usually restricted only to vault drops or special races. Diamonds can be used to purchase special diamond-exclusive items, and can also be used to instantly open a vault that usually takes a certain amount of time before it can be opened. Diamonds can also be converted into varying amounts of money. In-app purchases with real life money is also available in GX Racing in the form of purchasable diamonds that comes in varying packages of different quantities.

Cheats & Tips for GX Racing

The sports of motocross racing can be a pretty challenging field, especially due to its usual rough and jumpy environment and its inherent nature of being a really bumpy yet fast paced competition. GX Racing even with its user friendly interface can be a tough game, which is why we’re ready to provide some helpful tips here that can help you get started and go up against the competition easily and smoothly.


For every start of the race, you always want to create a perfect rev up by getting your accelerometer stay on the green area as the go signal sets off. A perfect start can make or break the entire race, and achieving a perfect start can lock you in on securing the lead for the entirety of the race. This is also a necessary technique when you’re using a motorcycle that has a high top speed but low acceleration efficiency as the perfect rev up can help compensate for the low acceleration and reach top speed much faster, giving you a guaranteed way to secure the lead even against a much speedier opponent.

You also want to save up your money and focus on upgrading 2 different motorcycles, one for straightforward tracks that rely more on a good top speed, and one for bumpier tracks with a lot more jumps and such that will rely on a good acceleration speed to keep up against your opponents. Even the first 2 starting motorcycles have the potential to be one of the best rides already in the game as long as you focus on balancing them out and upgrading their properties regularly.

Even on the much later races, you will have minimal trouble going up against even the toughest of racers, as long as you got the bike to keep up with them. Eventually you will be able to max out the attributes of both the top speed and acceleration of your 2 main bikes, giving you always a significant advantage on any race you can participate in. At a later point, you should have enough money as well to purchase the higher level motorcycles and still have enough to upgrade them to near maximum stats as well, making it much easier for you to go up against elite opponents.

Always aim for a perfect jump as well, as a perfect jump can either help you catch up from a bad start, or make sure you stay in the lead and leave your opponent far back behind. The jump meter will always appear on the bottom side of the screen to get you prepared when to make a jump. Always aim for near maximum of the meter, even if it says perfect earlier on, as the closer you hit the sweet spot, the better the distance you will jump off and also better potential for tricks and scoring.

Customization and cosmetics aren’t just for show, and while it is more important to upgrade the actual attributes of your motorcycle first, purchasing some style to your motorcycle can give you bonus style points while performing tricks, which in turn will give you a higher amount of money as rewards at the end of your races.


Watch out for the AI rubber banding, which is how sometimes the computer controlled opponent will have an artificial advantage for a quick moment to catch up with you when you’ve been in the lead for too long. If you feel like an opponent is catching up too quickly than normal, what you want to do is to at least make a single mistake like jumping off too early on any upcoming ramp. Once you see your opponent slowing down again, make up for it and do another perfect jump to catch up quickly, and odds are by this point you will be already close to the finish line, guaranteeing you the victory.

Save up your acquired diamonds for super vaults and golden vaults rather than spending them onto instant unlocks for regular timed drops. There are higher chances on getting not only a large amount of money on super vaults and golden vaults, but also a bunch of diamonds as well, which will already make up for whatever diamonds you had to spend on unlocking the vault. This will help you significantly on gaining a large amount of money early in the game, and help you upgrade and unlock stuff faster.

GX Racing Review

I had a lot of fond memories of Excitebike on the NES and have been quite a fan of the recent Trials games. GX Racing doesn’t offer the same number of features Excitebike did like the customizable tracks, nor Trials complex yet fun physics and obstacles, but what I played was a really fun motorcycle game. Here are my thoughts after giving GX Racing a whirl.

Fueling up our motorcycle first, let’s first talk about GX Racing’s visual presentation with GX Racing’s graphics and artwork. GX Racing sports some nicely made 3D models, especially when it comes to the motorcycle models, and detailed textures which gives it quite a nice technical appeal. GX Racing also does good optimization with consistently smooth frame rates. GX Racing’s artstyle isn’t anything too impressive, but it does sport a charming look, especially when it comes to the racers themselves who have a noticeable bobblehead-like artstyle.


Revving up the accelerometer, let’s talk about GX Racing’s audio presentation with its music and sound effects. The music isn’t bad, but it’s only a single piece and it loops in one of the most repetitive riffs possible. The music only plays in the menus which is a plus, but it’s also a shame that the game doesn’t sport music during the actual races, as due to its arcade-like presentation it would had helped out a bit on giving it a livelier feel. GX Racing does shine however when it comes to the sound effects, as the sounds of the engines and the motorcycle speeding through the dirty road really sounds intensely fun.

Jumping off a ramp, let’s talk about GX Racing’s writing, game world building, story and originality. There’s no narrative behind GX Racing, which may come to no surprise as a racing game. GX Racing does at least sport a smooth way to transition your progress from the beginner’s league to the pro’s league as the races spans across the world including basing them off on iconic landmarks. Considering the relatively smaller library of motocross focused games as well, it’s quite a nice sight to see a game like this popping up.

Nailing a perfect landing after a flashy trick, let’s talk about GX Racing’s fun factor and general gameplay. GX Racing is a very simple game, but there’s no denying that thanks to the presentation and customization, it gives its simple controls and gameplay some meat and complexity. I personally would have wished for something a bit more complex similar to Trials, but what’s here is a comfortable mobile game that really knows how to give players a comfortable time playing, but also enough content to keep things interesting.


Crossing first to the finish line, let’s finally talk about GX Racing’s lasting appeal with the game’s replay value and addictiveness. GX Racing doesn’t offer any alternative challenges or game modes, but what it does offer is a polished and fun main motocross racing experience. It also offers a wide variety of environments and unlockable cosmetics, and just the number of things you can customize on the available 20 motorcycles, and is extended further with customizable riders.

GX Racing Ratings

Artwork: Great 3D work behind GX Racing’s models and overall visuals with solid texture work and even with a somewhat overused artstyle, it still manages to look charming and slightly humorous with its character designs and high quality animations. For these reasons, I give GX Racing’s artwork a 9/10 rating.

Music and Sound Effects: Repetitive music that is looped on the menus can be aggravating, and the lack of music during gameplay feels a little empty, but GX Racing makes up for that with top notch sound effects. The sound of the motorcycle engines roaring and the acceleration revving up on the starting lane, and the impact of the riders’ bikes hitting the rough dirty patches of the road sounds very awesome. For these reasons, I give GX Racing’s music and sound effects an 8/10 rating.

Story and Originality: Despite lacking any form of backstory, GX Racing manages to write a story with its ever changing locations as players progress through the races, and by itself it’s quite a worthy addition to a relatively small library of games for its genre. For these reasons, I give GX Racing’s story and originality a 9/10 rating.

General Gameplay: A bit too simplistic at times and could use a wider variety of game modes, but nonetheless GX Racing still manages to be wholly fun from a casual and relaxed perspective, and provides enough challenges and complexity with each race escalating its difficulty and the amount of customization and upgrades you can perform makes each investment an interesting and significant action. It also plays very smoothly and the variety within the tracks provide enough interesting twists and challenges as everything escalates. For these reasons, I give GX Racing’s general gameplay a 9/10 rating.

Addictiveness: Thanks to over a hundred of races to compete in, plus a global leaderboard for bragging rights against other players along with a simple yet fun core gameplay concept, GX Racing already provides enough reasons to play it once in a while. This is further escalated however thanks to the massive amount of unlockable stuff that are in the game, ranging from hundreds of cosmetics just for the motorcycles alone, and a wide variety as well when it comes to the riders. The only thing missing is a real time multiplayer mode for other players to compete each other with. For these reasons, I give GX Racing’s addictiveness a 9/10 rating.

Not a very deep game in essence, GX Racing still provides a whole lot of fun despite its simple core gameplay, and with the amount of customization and wrapped around great looking visuals, it’s a worthy mobile title to have around and I believe it deserves an overall 9/10 rating.

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