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Gardenscapes: New Acres Guide & Cheats for Coins & All Items Unlock

Playrix Games is the company behind the successful line of Gardenscapes. They’ve been quite experienced when it comes to providing the most varied content as most of their games are very different from one another and the fact that their content is so well-developed makes them earn their place on the market by their own effort and that’s something really good. Gardenscapes: New Acres is the latest Gardenscapes game and it’s been heavily advertised because of how good it really is in 2016.

On the Google Play Store this game has around 4.4 stars and over 139,000 total reviews. Gardenscapes hasn’t been as popular on the iTunes App Store though, it only has around 4 rating stars and over 4,000 total reviews in 2016. The game has been fairly popular overall and they’ve gotten a lot of attention from the community along very good feedback which keeps the community active and allows the developers to get important information of the community’s desires which helps them figuring out which direction should they take. You’ll need an android device running at least version 4.0.3 or up or any iOS device running at least iOS version 7.0 in order to successfully play this game as its stated on the minimum requirements on both platforms’ store pages.

About Gardenscapes: New Acres

There’s a whole lot of original content that’ll keep you entertained for more than a while and the fact that they paid so much attention to the graphical aspect within the cinematics make the whole game even better as it’ll feel as the most immersive virtual adventure that you could ever wish for. However, that’s not it as the game also features a really good and simple gameplay that despite the fact it kept a few of the Match 3 Puzzle aspects the game itself does pretty good standing out from the rest with its amount of high quality content that’ll keep you entertained and wanting for more every time you decide to give the game a chance.


Gardenscapes feature a very interesting approach towards the gameplay as you’ll have to do these Match 3 Puzzle challenges and clear them in order to progress within the game and build the park or whatever construction you’re doing at the moment. However, you’ll notice that this sort of approach hasn’t been taken in the past and it’s quite innovative which makes it a lot more fun. This particular game isn’t just going through the puzzles as you’ll have to do a lot of decoration once you’re done with the challenge. You get the ability to decorate the place after you’re done with the puzzle and you’ll be moving from area to area once the construction is done.

That makes the game have a lot of long term playability which is actually very nice as they kept it casual but interesting. Not many games do that nowadays as most games will keep you playing no more than a day before you get bored of it. There are a lot of hidden tips and mechanics that you must learn by yourself which keeps the game interesting at all times as there’s always a different way to do what you just did and that’ll keep you thinking on the right way to do each of the actions within the game.

Gardenscapes: New Acres is available for both platforms iOS and android at the moment. They’ve tried to keep it up and release all of their games at the same time on both platforms so that there isn’t any room for people to make up stuff about preference or anything. The game has been deeply optimized on both platforms as you’ll be able to see from the beginning as it runs very smooth on most devices and it won’t matter the screen size of your device as they thought about it and made it very versatile in that aspect. We’re going through an experience built by a very mature company and that’s very noticeable from the very beginning of the game as you’ll mostly see only well-polished designs and enjoy of a bug-free experience.

Playrix Games tried to develop the most immersive experience possible with their Gardenscapes games and they’ve pretty much nailed from day one as you’ll be able to see on the feedback from the users. It mostly all about good critiques and tips to improving the game or regarding a few bugs that are still present within the game which allows the developers to have a clear idea of the picture that they’re facing at the moment. They’ve tried to keep it simple anyways so that any person wanting to play a special new game is able to and the fact that they paid so much attention to the graphical aspect and actually tried to make it all simply work from the beginning just makes the game provide a much better overall experience from the beginning to the end of each of your playthroughs.


Gardenscapes: New Acres in Game Store

Gardenscapes: New Acres feature an in game store just like the one that you might find on any other game. It does have a premium currency that’ll allow you to enjoy of a much smoother and easier experience with a bunch of different items that if used wisely will be game changer and will improve your overall final scores from the very beginning of the game. However, this might not be the way to proceed most of the time as you’ll end up depending on them. I know it can be easier to just give in and buy some coins in order to buy some of these items that’ll ease up the burden of having to go through the levels by yourself but that’s not really the point of the game and it’ll be much more rewarding to go through the levels by yourself.

Cheats & Tips for Gardenscapes: New Acres

Gardenscapes: New Acres like any other Match 3 Puzzle game features a whole lot of exploitable content where you won’t have any issues finding an easier way most of the time. But it also requires a lot of practice so that you can easily spot them by yourself. However, as you go through the game you’ll learn a few tactics and tips that’ll allow you to enjoy of a much better overall experience where you won’t have any issues or any problems for that matter. The developers thought a lot of which features to implement within the game and I must admit that most of these techniques were obviously originally intended by the developers.


Gardenscapes: New Acres has a few special pieces that’ll allow you to go through the game in a much easier manner as they’ll allow you to clear the level in a much faster way without having to spend that many moves on it. This will significantly boost your final score as these games tend to be very focused towards an efficient gameplay which means that the lesser moves you have to make, the better your final score will be. However, don’t go crazy at those special pieces, try to keep it cool and figure the most logical approach towards it so that you don’t feel like you’ve wasted them after using them because once they’re gone they won’t come back.

Gardenscapes also features a simple gameplay where you won’t have that much of a problem getting used to it. However, some players might end up feeling a tad overwhelmed due to the amount of content that this game actually features. That’s easily solved by the perfect implementation of such a good and informative tutorial that’ll teach you everything you need to know to start squeezing the best out of the game without having any problems. It’ll explain the basic premise of the game and all the mechanics behind the proper functioning of the game so that you have a really good understanding of how everything works and start using the system on your advantage.

You’ll have to do a lot of planning if you actually want to be good at this game. One thing that might seem as obvious to you would be the fact that you must have a logical structure of which steps of the building to go with first as this will be key if what you want is an enjoyable experience. Most people just go and start random challenges and this just builds up a much more difficult experience that might not end up being as enjoyable as a well-structured one. However, it’s difficult but not impossible if that’s just your way of doing things just know that you’re in for a treat.


As you go through the levels you’ll get some stars. These stars can be used towards the restoring process of each of the areas. However, you won’t get plenty after each of the challenges and most of the time you’ll just get 1 star per challenge so have in mind which is the area that you want to restore first and that’ll allow you to improve your city at your own pace. Most of the time you might feel like you have to restore the nearest places first but that’s not mandatory as you can simply restore whichever place you’d like to do first without any problems.

Gardenscapes: New Acres Review

Playrix Games decided to make one of the best and immersive experiences out there with this Gardenscapes saga and they’ve done a pretty good job so far as you’ll be able to notice from the beginning of the game. Despite the fact that what they’ve originally done is another Match 3 Puzzle game it has enough original content to actually be able to stand out from the rest without any issues as you’ll be able to see on both platforms’ stores that’s what’s really going on. They’ve developed a rich environment that has a really well-developed graphical aspect and they’ve took quite an interest approach towards the gameplay while trying to keep it simple.


The gameplay style found within Gardenscapes: New Acres isn’t very common. I’d dear to say that it’s the first of its kind as you’ll have to clear these Match 3 Puzzle challenges in order to actually progress through the game and earn enough stars to be able to restore the areas of your desire. However, most of the time you’ll end up enjoying both parts of the game just equally. You’ll be able to do a lot of redecoration and restoring of abandoned places with said stars and that’s pretty much the whole premise of the game. But it probably wasn’t very easy to be implemented as this is quite innovative and there must have been a lot of effort put into successfully adapting these features to the play style of the Match 3 Puzzle games.

The game itself has some sort of a consistent storyline where you’ll be restoring different areas that resemble parks that have been built near your location and have been left unmaintained over time which has doomed them and they’re slowly decaying over time. But that’s where you come in as you’ll go through the game clearing all of the challenges you’re presented with in order to restore said parks and areas which will make the whole city better looking by a really important measure. This game features a lot of original content and I’d say that’s enough to actually stand out from the rest. On both platforms the game has been fairly popular and that’s pretty much what they’re all about as the community is also quite active which is really good because that says a lot of how the game actually works.

The developers paid a lot of attention towards the development of a really good looking and functional graphical aspect that does everything it was made for while keeping a really good appearance in the process and that’s what they’ve done with this game and you’ll notice that from the first cinematic to the end of each of your playthroughs. The cinematics found within the game will make you feel like you’re experiencing a graphical adventure which is a really good thing to do as it provides a really immersive experience and it’ll boost your overall fun by a lot. They’ve also taken care of the sound environment to the point where you won’t have any issues getting that same immersive experience we’ve talked about throughout the entire review as the game itself has a very good soundtrack and a really nice sound effects kit that fits the whole thematic of the game to perfection.


We’re facing a really good game that’s been developed by a very mature company which ends up providing the most immersive experience resulting in a very addictive gameplay that’ll keep you coming back more than a few times a day.

Gardenscapes: New Acres Ratings

Artwork: This game has a very good graphical aspect and the artwork found within the game is actually very good. They’ve put a lot of effort towards developing some sort of a graphical adventure from the very first cinematic which will start the immersive experience intended by the developers. I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effects: The game itself features a really good soundtrack while keeping the sound effects kit properly functioning, you won’t experience any interference between the two of them and that’s something that helps providing the best possible experience within the game. I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: As you go through the game you’ll notice that this game does feature some sort of a consistent storyline and it’ll be a very enjoyable experience as it allows you to enjoy of the entirety of the experience without having to spend lots of time within the game. The game also features a lot of original content that’ll keep most players interested on the game and it’ll also make the whole game stand out from the rest from the very beginning. I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: The developers focused towards providing a really good and simple general gameplay that’ll keep you playing for long periods of time. However, as you go through the game you’ll find out a few tips that might make your overall experience a lot better. If you’re having any issues with the gameplay there’s also a really good tutorial that’s very informative on everything you need to know in order to actually be good at the game. I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: This game can be fairly addictive from the very beginning of the game and you’ll notice that this is most likely because of the amount of original content found within the game. I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Gardenscapes: New Acres a 9/10 rating.

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