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Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Soulgems & Gold

One of the most popular Japan mobile gaming publishes, DeNa Corp. known for titles such as Blood Brothers 2, Godus or Timenaurs has recently released worldwide a card game called Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians. The game is available on both Android and Apple and it has already been downloaded for almost half a million times in 2016. It has an average rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store and 4.5 stars on Apple’s App Store.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is not your ordinary card game, especially in 2016. You find yourself in a complex story about Guardians whose objectives varies depending on the playstyle of a user. You can play both an immersive campaign or against other real players, you can collect hundreds of unique cards and think thousands of strategies all thanks to the old card game called War.

The game doesn’t require any sign-up whatsoever but a nickname at the beginning of the tutorial for 2016. After that, it is your job to connect either with your Facebook or Google Play Services (Android users) account – in the game settings – in order to link your account and make sure you don’t lose any progress if you change devices or update your app.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians has a lot of currencies and resources for a card game but I managed to find the one which has the ‘premium’ tag because it can be purchased with real money – Soulgems. You can use the Soulgems to buy premium card packs or Gold (another resource used for crafting) and the prices vary a lot. The least you can pay is $4.99 for 500 Soulgems while the must you can purchase in a single buy is 14,000 units with no less than $119.99.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians Hack for Soulgems & Gold 2016

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians uses something called “soulgems” as its premium currency. These are very expensive. You can get only 500 soulgems for $4.99. You’ll need a lot more to win at Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians. Download our free Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians hack tool to easily and freely get soulgems and gold.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians hack tool is. Just enter the amount of soulgems and gold you want. Don’t worry about jailbreaking or rooting your device. The hack tool will work without APK rooting or jailbreaking.


Download our Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Select Android or iOS. Then, enter how many soulgems and gold you would like. Click the big, blue “start” button. You don’t have to fill out any surveys or root your device to use the Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians 2016 hack.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra soulgems and gold! Have fun!

Cheats & Tips for Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians

  • There are three card affinities (Fire, Water and Earth) each being stronger against one type and weaker against the other. Fire beats Earth, Earth beats Water and Water beats Fire.
  • Each ‘realm’ can be consisted of no less than 7 types of cards. Each has its own characteristics and synergies so make sure you read all the information when you get a new card.
  • A card consists of HP and Attack. Those stats are affected by the affinity though so numbers is not everything. When a card’s HP reaches zero it cannot be used again in a battle.


  • If you manage to counter all your opponent’s cards, you will get the upper hand meaning that your cards will attack first no matter what is the order.
  • Each card has a spell that charges every turn. If a spell is ready and you want to use it, tap the spell before you play the card and punish your enemies.
  • If you open new packs and you get card copies, don’t be upset – they will merge with your other cards and the result will be a more powerful card.
  • You have some daily quests that should motivate you. Make sure you complete them every day in order to get darkstones and other resources.
  • The capture chance of a card increases each time you fail so in order to get your hands on that specific card, you only need to be consistent.
  • Try to get 3 Stars in each campaign battle. The rewards are based on your rating so the better you are, the better the rewards will be.


  • If you want to make resources fast, make sure you login daily. The reward is exponential meaning that it will be more higher as your daily logins increases.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians Review

We got rid of the thousands of zombies games (for now at least) and another genre has started to appear just like the mushrooms appear after a storm – trading cards (or plainly cards game). Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is one of the titles that I reluctantly decided to try but made me praise myself because it is different in a good way and I enjoyed it a lot.


The feature of Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians that stands out almost right from the beginning is that you are going to play a card game filled with lore and an immersive campaign. Why is this intriguing? Because there is no such thing as a campaign in a collecting card title no matter the name. Moreover, the story is pretty interesting as well. I mean, don’t expect something as good as an old school RPG but the potential is there and you should probably keep an eye on it because it will be worth it. The second best feature of Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is definitely the combat system.

The developers previously stated that the game is based on an old card game called ‘War’ where you play with all your cards faced up and you simultaneously place one card with your adversary to see who wins that round. Because of this implementation, the multiplayer games are fast paced making Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians the perfect choice for people who don’t have much time to play on their smartphones but still want to play something competitively during bus or subway trips.

One other great thing I have chosen to talk about regarding Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is probably the fact that even though card games requires a lot of grinding, this title seems to have found the perfect balance between meaningless grinding and making the player want to keep staying with the game – you are rewarded each time you complete a specific collection and your duplicates will increase the power of your cards (to a maximum level, of course) and that’s awesome.


Of course, there can’t be only good things about Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians so now it’s time to talk about what features I’ve found and didn’t like or I would have changed if given the possibility. First of all, one of the most common problems with games nowadays is the urge of the developers to include stuff that limits the amount of time you can play such as Stamina. The strange thing is that you have different ‘Stamina’ for your single player and multiplayer matches which is pretty confusing besides a bad implementation.

If they really want to make money of something like this they should add a ticket system or something similar. It is much more elegant that way and users can’t complain too much. Secondly, another problem that I’ve encountered which is probably because of the small player base is that there are big issues with the matchmaking in Arena – you will have to battle enemies which are clearly more powerful than your or on the contrary opponents who just started to play Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians. It is pretty bad for the morale of the new users and this should be solved (if it is a real problem and not because of the limited number of active players) as soon as possible.

Finally, another issue I have had with Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is the rather imbalanced tutorial – the basics are explained thoroughly and a little too detailed and the tips that really matter such as crafting, powering up your cards and building competitive decks are almost non-existent. And that’s not how you make new players to start playing a game.


Overall, Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is a game I would definitely recommend. Even though there are some issues, I really believe that the developers are working hard to please everyone (including a grumpy person like me) and that they will update the game in better and better ways. You should check it out as soon as possible especially if you are into Hearthstone.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians Ratings

Artwork: Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians scores 9 out of 10 for its artwork. The genre is ‘card game’ so there is pointless to talk about graphic engines or graphic quality. However, the developers hired very talented people who created an amazing artwork for each card which is pretty awesome if you ask me. The User Interface looks cool as well and you can clearly see the effort. The animations which are not a lot are also above average making Deckstorm looking really good. This title is a living proof that you can make artwork even from an card game.

Music & SFX: I give the game a rating of 8 out of 10 for its music and sound effects. As you have probably expected a title with such an impressive artwork must live up the expectations with its music as well. Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians has a more than decent soundtrack which consists of several songs that match with the theme providing an cozy atmosphere. There are also some sort of sound effects but they somehow don’t stand out in any way. I would have expected a little more variety but a game can’t be flawless.

Story/Originality: Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians scores 8 out of 10 for its story and originality elements. We talked earlier about the good things of the game and the story is one of them – you don’t understand clearly what’s going on in the story but eventually you will get the hang of it. You must also keep in mind that this title is card-based and just the idea of having a background story is pretty amazing. Talking about originality, the game finds itself in a comfortable spot because everything about it is unique or modified in a way from a basic concept to make it look unique. The game is one of the most ‘different’ titles I’ve ever played in my life.

General Gameplay: Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians gets a rating of 9 out of 10 for its general gameplay. The game welcomes the players with a pretty thorough tutorial that teaches him or her about the basic mechanics. However, the more difficult ones are barely explained so a newbie will be confused and eventually overwhelmed. Besides this, I believe that the game requires a prior experience with card games but if you have patience it can be your first one, no worries. The UI is user-friendly and everything looks smoothly and neat. For the time I’ve tested this title I have not experienced any crashes, freezes or game-breaking bugs.

Addictiveness: I give the game a rating of 9 out of 10 at this section. Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is one of the most addictive titles I’ve played in the last months. As I mentioned before, I was a bit reluctant at first but the game is really good.The developers promised something and they delivered – fast paced multiplayer and an immersive campaign. And those two things is what makes a title addictive. In addition to this, we have a lot of extra stuff such as limited and themed events, quests and one or two plot twists. The multiplayer implementation is also a pleasant surprise.  

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians gets an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10. The game shows a lot of potential and even though it is not entirely a classical card title, I believe it has what it takes to become one of the most played games on the market. However it is up to the developers not to make any fatal mistakes.

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