Recognizing the stress and aggravation that can come from confusing and complicated medical bills, Medical Bill Support, LLC was founded in 2010 with the mission of providing medical bill advocacy for clients throughout the United States.

We help companies and individuals get accurate and understandable medical bill information by using our specialized software and training. Medical Bill Support, LLC advocates and negotiates on behalf of our clients and their medical bills to ensure they pay only what they owe on their medical bills. We have saved our clients over $100K in medical bill expenses and provided them with peace of mind.

Description of our Services: 

Medical bills are very confusing and insurance companies create a difficult maze to get through. Let us navigate this maze for you.

Individuals: We help educate you about your medical bills and insurance statements (EOBs) and advocate on your behalf. We review your medical bills for errors and for fair and reasonable pricing. We make sure your insurance company paid your claims correctly and file appeals for your denied claims. We want to save you money and let you focus on your health.

Companies:  We educate your employees about their medical bills and insurance statements (EOBs), resolve billing errors, appeal denied claims and negotiate discounts on bills. We want to increase your employees' productivity, decrease the burden on your Human Resources staff and save your company money with our Medical Bill Advocacy services. For self-insured companies, we work with your Third Party Administrator (TPA) to evaluate and reduce your healthcare expenditures.

Call us today 1-888-544-5562 for a free ”medical bill checkup”.