My name is Martin A. Smith. I have been married to my beautiful bride of 21.5 years and counting. Together, we have 7 children (6 daughters and 1 son). As a family, we love to take long drives together. For the past 21+ years, we have driven to Maine, California, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Vermont…pretty much all over the United States. You can imagine our glee over the past year as gas prices have fallen!

In 2003, I launched Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. as retirement planning and investment management firm. We specialize in serving the comprehensive financial planning needs of families, business owners, including employees through financial education seminars and workshops.

In 2015, I was had the honor of conducting a series of seminars on the topics of “Retirement Planning” and “Investment Basics”, for the servicemen and women of the California National Guard. In addition, I provided financial management seminars for the Development League of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

I’m also a lover of music. As a Northern California Bay Area native, I play Bass Guitar and had the honor and thrill of “jamming out” with a variety of R&B Funk and Rock & Roll bands in throughout “the Bay” during the 1980’s, which is one of the greatest eras of music in America.

Although my R&B/Rock & Roll musical performance days are long behind me, I serve at my church as a member of the Praise & Worship team, among other occasional ministerial responsibilities.

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