How should I report my income?

How should I report my income?
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I have Blue Cross of Idaho Health Insurance, my household size is three (my husband, myself, and my 7 month old baby). My baby is on Medicaid. Our projected annual income is $13,000, but in order to get a tax credit, we need to make at least $19, 000. What should I report as our projected annual income? $13, 000 or $19,000?


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Do you have any other source of income that is not taxed like earned income credit because it sounds like you don't have enough to pay rent and buy food?


It does not seem to me you have a choice, you need to report the actual amount. I guess the question is why do you have to earn more than $19,000 to get the credit? It usually works the other way. If you earn too much you lose the credit. Maybe you should check this out again and make sure you have it right.


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