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Brain It On Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Hints, All Levels, & No Ads Unlock

Brain it On is a physics based puzzle game where you are given a task to complete by drawing shapes. Tasks range from flipping cups upside down, moving a ball to touch the left wall, or even launching objects from one side of the level to the other to land in another zone. This game provides a very wide range of challenges that make you always beg for hints. When you get a hint, the game only shows you which shapes you need to draw to complete the challenge and nothing else. As reminiscent of many other games in the similar genre, every level gives you a rating out of three stars depending on how you performed in 2016.

Three factors are all taken in consideration with scoring how well someone does on a certain level. Every level has a “par” time which the player must complete the level in. The timer starts the second the player starts drawing their shape, which gives them time to think out their strategy before giving the level a go. If the player completes the level under the specified time, that is one star earned. Another factor that determines the score on the level is how many shapes that the player uses to accomplish the task. Every level is restricted to a certain amount of shapes that the player can draw, usually only 1 or 2.

Brain it On is a free to play game on both iOS and Google Play, though the game does have in-app purchases for new level packs during 2016. The game has flourished on the Android platform, boasting over 5 million installs (Data taken from the games Play Store page). This challenging puzzler is well reviewed on both platforms scoring an average 5/5 star rating on iOS and a 4.3/5 star rating on Android in 2016. It is without a doubt that both this game’s popularity and reception is well deserved.

Brain It On Hack for Hints, All Levels, & No Ads Unlock 2016

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About Brain It On

If the player completes the level by drawing less or equal to the number of shapes allowed for that challenge, they will receive the second star. And the third star is rewarded simply for completing the level so it is impossible to not earn that one. The number of stars that a player earns is important to determining how many more levels the player can unlock as they progress through the game.


Every level takes place in a small room that takes up the majority of your screen and usually there is minimal content on the screen. Immediately after you draw your first shape, a timer starts and you are tasked with completing the puzzle. The challenges of the levels in Brain it On vary from level to level but there are common themes of moving predetermined objects into other predetermined zones as well as creating objects to be moved somewhere else.

In Game Store

All content in Brain it On is free and able to access for non paying users. However, the game does allow for the user to purchase all levels and hints, while removing all commercial advertising from the app for $3.99. This is a good deal for those who can not stand sitting through a 30 second commercial just to unlock a hint for every level that they get stuck on. However, Brain it On does what free games should always do and that is having all content available to anyone no matter if they have payed for it or not. The first 180 levels are all available to all players considering that they can gather a certain amount of “stars” on every level before hand, which is not a task too difficult for the intermediate to advanced skill puzzler.


In all, Brain it On’s challenges are available to all players and those who wish to not spend any money on their free games are not obstructed from all of the games content.

Cheats & Tips for Brain It On

There are many cheats and tips for Brain it On. Since the game is a puzzle game, every levels solution can be found on online videos, or level-by-level guides. In this guide, I can suggests a few strategies that will help you win even the most difficult of levels.


First, it is important to consider the levels situation. For all levels asking you to move an object to another side of the screen, I recommend drawing “shell” shaped objects. What is meant by this is that by drawing a figure that resembles a spiral directly above the object that needs to be moved. It is important that this object is not perfectly circular and is closer to an elliptical shape. This technique can be used to move any shape on any level no matter what the objective is. What happens when the spiral type shape falls on top of the object, your shape begins to tip over the levels object, and in effect, it moves both objects in a similar way that one gear turns another.

Another tactic that is important to use in Brain it on is the power of the see-saw (or teeter-totter, depending on where you are from). For levels that allow more than two shapes, you should draw a see-saw in some way, shape, or form. This method is especially effective in levels where the objective is to lift any objects or launch small objects into higher platforms or over walls.

Start by drawing a fulcrum, or for the people who do not speak engineer, draw the part of the center of the see-saw where the people who ride it, pivot around. This will serve as the support for the lever you are going to draw next. Drawing your lever and then making of the sides heavier than the other will create a lifting action that can move objects effectively. Though every level varies, using your intelligence to make accurate positioning is very important.

If the level allows up to 3 objects, you can utilize a see saw design to make a catapult as well. Catapults are effective at launching objects a far distance across the level. Some levels will want to only transport the object a small distance and some objects will require you throw something far away. The farther that you want an object to go, the higher up you should draw the heavy object that you will drop on one of the sides of the catapult. Of course this method will not work every time but an aspect of Brain it On’s gameplay is that it encourages trial and error.

There is no one solution to every puzzle and the hints provided do not always give a definitive answer on how to beat it. The best suggestion is to take many different ideas and apply them in many different ways until you find something that works. You should not dwell on one single idea for too long because that idea may never work for that level. And honestly, no matter the apparent challenge of a level, the key to success is to think simply. Often the solution is right in front of your face and by thinking too hard about a problem will cause you to come up with many outrageous ideas that will most likely not complete the level. Thinking in simple terms will often yield better results, in Brain it On, less is more.  

Utilize your knowledge of physics. In Brain it On, gravity is your friend. You can take advantage of this gravity by drawing shapes that are asymmetrical and thus causing them to fall over, thus helping you complete the puzzles objective. For example, levels requiring you to flip objects, drawing a hook around the object and making it heavy on one end will make it easily tip over in your favor.

The best tip of advice is to utilize the games hints. If you find yourself completely stuck and blocked on a level, watching a short commercial for the solution to the level is very rewarding. What the hint does for you is provide a new point of view at the levels problem and allows you to attack it from a different perspective.

Brain It On Review

The art style in Brain it On is nothing to behold. The design is not extremely artistic, nor is it refined. Some of the design looks very “1st generation” by definition and can be unappealing at first. However, this is no reason to disregard the game. Brain it On is a textbook definition of the common phrase, “do not judge a book by it’s cover.” The content of the game is something to behold. Brain it on bring to the table what no puzzle game has yet, intuitive controls and a unique idea to the puzzle genre.


One of the defining strengths of Brain it On is its gameplay. The game is so fun and challenging that I find myself coming back to this game time and time again. Brain it On is the perfect game for wasting time on public transport, in class, or even on a slow day at work. There is an inherent desire to want to complete every single level. Nothing can compare to the feeling that the player gets when they finally find a solution to a level they have been stuck on for days.

Brain it On is an amazing brain teaser for those who love puzzles and logic problems and who want to exercise the physics-minded area in their brains. This game is definitely not for the impatient as some levels may take hours or even days to find solutions to. Brain it On is a comprehensive puzzle game that has well thought out challenges and it shows. The game’s learning curve is moderately high but as you get the hang of things, the game begins to be pretty straight forward.

Trial and error is the main form of gameplay wherein the player makes small decisions and then makes tiny adjustments to their designs in order to get results to succeed. This whole process is quite fun although tedious. Watching as your shapes move into action and praying that they go where they need to go can be very nerve wracking but nonetheless adds to the overall experience of the game, making it memorable.

I can see myself returning back to Brain it On in the future fairly often. Brain it On will quickly become the go-to puzzle game on your phone that will never fail to give you a good challenge. The addictiveness of Brain it On is very high in the way that it creates a “one more level” mentality where you find yourself playing it late into the night just for the thrill of completing deceptively simple puzzles.

The social aspect of Brain it On is another positive aspect to consider. There is the ability to connect to facebook which lets you compare yourself to your friends and compete for the best level solutions. The inclusion of everplay additionally creates an outlet for you to share your outrageous solutions or even funny moments within the game. Though sometimes social media in free to play games can be cumbersome, Brain it On has seamless integration that actually adds to the gameplay experience.

Brain It On Ratings

Artwork: I give Brain it On a 6/10 for its artwork. The color schemes in Brain it On are rather dull and don’t exactly scream AAA app to you. However, the designs in the game are not so bad. The menu’s look and act exactly how you’d expect them too and nothing looks badly designed nor does anything necessarily look out of place. The animation in the game is also very good in both gameplay animations with it’s physics simulations as well as navigating through menus. The game was created in the Unity engine and the quality shines through.

Music & SFX: I give Brain it On a 4/10 for its music and sound effects. The music in the game can often get annoying and I found myself turning it off only after a few minutes of playing. The game is very lacking in the sound effects department in that there are any sounds that respond to your gameplay. Sometimes this can make the experience feel less responsive than it actually is. However, I do not find that having weaknesses in the department of sound effects is reason enough to call a game bad. I firmly believe that the gameplay in Brain it On outweighs any bad aspects that the lacking sound design has on the overall quality of the game.

Story & Originality: I give Brain it On a 10/10 for story and originality. Brain it On is extremely unique in its premise. No other game has tackled the idea of physic based puzzle games as cleanly and as entertainingly as Brain it on has. Brain it On is fresh blood in the genre of puzzle games.

General Gameplay: I give Brain it On a 10/10 for general gameplay: Playing through all of the levels and trying to conquer the challenges is very entertaining. Gameplay in Brain it On just feels right and leaves nothing to be desired. Perhaps if the timers would wait until after you were done drawing your shape to start counting down, maybe the game would be a little bit easier but the challenge of Brain it On is what brings me back day in and day out.

Addictiveness: I give Brain it On a 10/10 for Addictiveness. There is something about Brain it On that makes its puzzles so much fun to go back to. Brain it On makes you want to show your solutions to your friends. Every level is so much fun to try and beat that the game has truly endless replayability. In the end, Brain it On is so much fun to play that it is easy to get sucked in for hours on end.

Overall, I give Brain it On a 9/10 rating


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