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Boom Beach Loot System

The map of Boom Beach is called Archipelago meaning a group of islands. You can go to Archipelago to find player and resource bases. New bases appear after some days meaning you will always have a plenty of new bases to invade. Tapping on the player base will give you an option of scouting the base or attacking it right away in return of some gold coins. When you scout a base, the game takes a snapshot of its resources for you. As long as that base is available in your Archipelago, you will get the same amount of resources for invading it even if actual resources of that base change. There is no way to know how much resources a base has without attacking or scouting them. This system was introduced to prevent players stalking each other and attacking other players’ bases when they had maximum resources.


Statues made with Dark Power Stones give boost to the resources looted from the bases. If there are multiple statues boosting your loot, their boosts will be added rather than compounded. For example if the enemy has 100,000 gold and you have 2 statues giving you a boost of 50% and 20% respectively on the loot of resources, then you will gain a total of 170,000 gold. Total increased by 70%, 50% from one statue and 20% from the other.

The amount of loot shown to you is the total resources of the player minus the amount of resources protected by vault. Though you will always gain some loot even if 100% of the resources are protected by vault.

Vault and statues are not the only factors affecting the loot. There are also some other factors:

  • There is a bonus added to every loot. The amount of bonus is determined by the amount of loot. If the loot is low, the bonus will be high. If the loot is high, the bonus will be low.
  • Some reduction is done to balance out the difference between high and low loot. There is no reduction on the low loot while high loot will be reduced by a certain factor. It means that a bonus will be added to low loot whereas high loot will be reduced.
  • There is also a bonus based on the experience level of the opponent. The higher the experience level of the opponent, the higher will be the bonus.
  • If you beat an enemy with very high victory points, you will receive a bonus.

Whenever you conquer a resource base, you will only get the loot that was uncollected from the resource buildings at the time of your scout/attack. If another player takes the base, you can scout the base again and the amount of resources available at that time will be fixed again until you or another player takes over the base for one more time.


Whereas the amount of loot of player and resource bases depends on the above explained factors, the loot from computer controlled bases always remains the same. It depends on the difficulty of the bases. One exception to this rule is the Blackguard bases where the experience level of the base and difference between experience level of the player and the base are also the factors affecting the amount of loot.

Loss on Getting Looted in Boom Beach

If your base is taken down by an attacker, you will lose resources. While the attacker will get the loot based on the resources you had when he scouted you, you will lose the resources based on the amount of unprotected resources present at the time of invasion. This may cause the invader to get a loot more or less than your loss. Your loss has nothing to do with the loot taken by invader. Also, the bonuses or reductions do not have any impact on your loss. You will simply lose the unprotected resources present on your base at the time of attack.


When one of your resource bases is taken, you will lose any uncollected resources. This means that the resources present in the resource boats will also be lost with a resource base. Turns out resource boats are not as safe as you were thinking. Some players do not collect from the resource boats unless they are absolutely full to save resources from being looted when their main base is taken down. This is not a good idea. The resources are at equal risk plus the production of resources slows down whenever capacity of any of the resource base fills up. Collect from resource boats as frequently as you can and upgrade Vault for the protection of your resources. If all else fails you can also use the Boom Beach Hack to get more coins and diamonds for your account so you can reload.

Boom Beach Matchmaking

Whenever you take down a base, you earn a victory point. In the same manner, successfully stopping an invasion also earn you a victory point. Which enemies appear on your Archipelago depends on your victory point count. Higher victory points will cause you to be in the league of people who too are high on victory point scale. If your victory point gets too high for your level, you will be matched with people way out of your league. It will make conquering the bases and defending your base harder causing you to lose a point every time you fail to take down a base or to defend your base. Soon your victory point will be lowered and you will be matched with easier opponents.

Except for Blackguard bases, the difficulty of all computer controlled bases is not affected by your victory points. Though it is harder to fight against the opponents with high victory point count, you receive special bonus upon defeating them. Bases that are low on resources give extra bonus. In this way, having high victory point count is really rewarding.

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