Greetings Nerd Wallet aficionados! My name is Dave Anthony, and I am the president and founder of www.AnthonyCap.com (Anthony Capital, LLC ), SidebySideQuotes.com,  and the creator of FBIAS: Fact-Based Investment Allocation Strategies.

You have got to love this site! This is a fantastic way to get your financial questions answered and find out a little bit more about the different types of people that want to help you with your money. I am a Certified Financial Planner, a Registered Investment Advisor, and a Retirement Management Analyst. My firm, Anthony Capital, deals primarily with affluent retirees and pre-retirees and  helps them invest, grow, and manage their wealth. This includes the following core areas:

  1. Investment Management
  2. Retirement Income Planning
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Asset Protection
  5. Tax Strategies
  6. Insurance Planning

I own two companies: Anthony Capital: a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, and Side by Side Quotes.com, LLC, a licensed insurance agency that focuses on life insurance, long term care, annuities, and Medicare supplement plans.

Acting as a fiduciary, I have a legal obligation to act in my client's best interest. This is why I started Side by Side Quotes.com. Sometimes the best solution may not be a stock, bond, or exchange traded fund. It may be a guaranteed annuity or insurance solution. Sometimes an annuity is not appropriate, and you would be better served with a risk-based managed money approach. How would you know the difference?

If a client wants to buy an annuity, life insurance, long term care, or Medicare supplement plan,  the solution is simple: I will provide them with side by side price and performance comparisons with the greatest number of insurance companies in their state. Side by side analytics allows us to know that we're getting a good plan, at a competitive price

My clients love that fact that they can get unbiased, straight-forward advice on the things that matter most in their financial life. I love working on complex financial problems for my clients, and helping them review and choose the best available option.

Who is a good fit for Anthony Capital? Someone who wants transparency in their investments, to know exactly what all of their internal and external fees and expenses are. Someone that values professional advice, and understands the benefit of working with a professional advisor. Someone who is not satisfied with the status quo, and seeks to constantly improve themselves, their families, communities, and world around them. An Anthony Capital client is educated on the what and the why a financial decision is made. We run the numbers, look at the facts, and seek to maximize value by getting the highest possible return, with the least amount of risk. An Anthony Capital client seeks to optimize th